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Wordle 50 Years Ago

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I’ve had an interest in the game mastermind over the years and was gifted Digits for Christmas. It spurred me on to go looking into other things about it and with the popularity of wordle at this time just kind of made for a perfect storm of a weird old video topic. So in this one I look at some very early ancestors to the currently popular wordle game!

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  1. This has been on dutch television for many decades under the name lingo. It's for old-timers. Though when I was young everyone watched it. So it's at least 40 years old. Oh and yes lingo is still actively recorded in NL. On tv every day

  2. Would the number holes in word mastermind be the game win scoring system for 2 players?

  3. That was an awesome phone to use with a computer

  4. Lingo (Wordle as a tv show) was so popular in the Netherlands that, when in 2006 the plan was to not broadcast it anymore via public television, political protest arose. The minister for media affairs was questioned in the House of Commons. Even the prime minister took part in the discussions. The plan to pull it from tv was quickly abandoned and it is still broadcasted today (albeit via commercial tv). How about that for important state affairs!

  5. Nice vid as always.

    Big fan of old games like that here.
    Holes in word mastermind is for scoring. 🙂

  6. This was a minigame in sleeping dogs (used as “hacking”), i liked it so much, i end up making a recreation on bash on my free time at work, i might upload to a gist… the sleeping dogs variant only allow one number of a kind in a 4 digit code, making much easier to guess but adds a little bit of difficulty when coding, i might even make a basic version now that i have a c64 maxi

  7. It is also the Fallout 3 & New Vegas hacking minigame.

  8. Nice video and the new studio background looks really cool. I've been enjoying all the VLOGS as well! 🙂

  9. Word Mastermind reminds me of the Animal Crossing themed Monopoly I bought recently. Maybe 200 little cardboard tokens in 20ish variations of colour and symbol. All have to be sorted and arranged to start, but it didn't come with any way to store them in order… I had to 3d print a box with compartments for each type

  10. Now I wonder where the C code version you showed earlier is available.

  11. A fun video! Your new set and workspace is looking real good. Keep on keepin' on 👍

  12. I love how professional your channel has become.
    The videos on games/pocket stuff from the 70s are my favorites. The mechanical pong one, for example.

  13. I like Mastermind a lot. Especially in mobile games it makes fun and is varying. For example Android Game „SuperBrain Extreme Lite“ is challenging which has another dimension with shapes and colors. Not the beautifulest Design, but I like the idea.😊

  14. Me and my brother played Master Mind all the time! We're well into our 50s now 😄

  15. Awesome video! Last week I tried a few Wordles after caving to my curiosity and found it pretty entertaining. I had a feeling Wordle was too simple of a game to be completely original, but after seeing your demonstration, it is clearly executed better than its forebearers. It was also great getting a succinct explainer on Mastermind. I think I knew it existed but never bothered to try to play it, but I will be sure to avoid the word version.

  16. Thanks for the great video. Brought back memories, but that word Master Mind looks miserable.

  17. That Crusader art is nice. Love the soundtrack!

  18. its literally the Bethesda Fallout terminal hacking game

  19. If this hasn’t been mentioned yet, I assume the two rows of numbers are meant to allow you to keep score with you and your friend trading off being the code maker or breaker.

  20. The numbered holes are for running games between two players. Compare to the card game cribbage.

  21. "The Classic Mastermind you probably know already." – I have no idea what that is.

  22. Oh, yeah I discovered the non-English thing in Wordle by chance the other day when a German word that fit the pattern popped into my head, and I was surprised it took it when I typed it in.

  23. 7:32 Says the guy who has probably taken off countless keycaps from keyboards in order to clean them 🤭

  24. One major flaw of Master Mind was that the one doing the guessing could count how many colored pegs existed from the main pile and deduce which ones were used as the code. I suppose the same could be said about the word version as well.

  25. This was also a form used in Fallout as the Hacking for their computers in the game.

  26. There is high frequency noise in the audio on this video, you need to rework the audio

  27. A very similar game (one fewer guess but you get a starting letter in the correct position) is one of the mini games in Bookworm Adventures.

  28. This reminded me of the so called "1A2B" that my classmates used to play a lot when I was in high school a few years ago, which is kinda just a version of the bulls and cows mentioned in the video that didn't use a computer, we just write everything down on paper to play it, with A representing correct number on correct position, while B represents correct number on wrong position(if I remembered things correctly, usually I was just the one watching others play, not the one actually playing it).

  29. a 4 letter game, I would probablu mostlyu puit in FART becuse I'm immature and farts are funny to me.

  30. Mastermind was probably my favorite childhood game! I think i had the exact same version as you showed in the beginning, gave me nostalgia big time lol

  31. Your peek at the source code led me down a rabbit hole… ~12k words in the source, ~10k of which are the "dictionary" of "acceptable" words in alphabetical order. The other ~2k are not in alphabetical order and lets just say the first 220 or so look oddly familiar, and lets also say I was able to "predict" today's word… I don't want to spoil the fun for people to like to play it, so I will just leave it at that and those who know where to look can find it. (at least until the NYT messes it up…)

  32. Word Mastermind should have just been a pad of paper and a pen inside the box…

  33. It is a nice video, but I somehow feel it is not complete without having any mention of LINGO in there. 🙂 A game show invented in the 80's in USA, and was wildly popular in the Netherlands and some other countries.

  34. We always had a copy of mastermind when I was growing up but I never learned how to play for some reason. It actually seems quite fun! I wonder if there's a digital version of IT? 🤔

  35. I never knew there was a word based version of Mastermind. Makes me wonder about whether Wordle could be subject to a copyright dispute, particularly considering it's just been bought up by The New York Times

  36. 50 years later, and it was good game about knowledge.

  37. I remember playing scrabble on my spectrum with my grandma. The computer put down the word $H!t !!! Luckily she had a sense of humor.

  38. I don't know if its the noise reduction from your mic setup or encoding but every time theres speech I hear a high pitched noise which got very uncomfortable. Lowered volume below 20%.

  39. Check out the board game What's My Word from 1972 (reprinted in 2010). It's a pencil & paper variant of Word Mastermind with numeric scoring.

  40. We had to make bulls and cows for a swift programming class, was fun

  41. actually i have mastermind but its original made by challenger games

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