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Wordle 375 – 29 June 2022 #Shorts

Chris Remo
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  1. was really lucky today.Had I not had the g from the first guess I would never have got this. great gains gaudy gawky

  2. Got my second fail. Unlike my first this one wasn't even close. I don't think I would've come up with GAWKY even if I had another 3 guesses.

  3. There are people who know what the fuck this dumb word is and there are those who don't, is what today's Wordle has illustrated. I'm part of the latter if it's not obvious!!!!!!!!

  4. Had no clue gawky was a word. I've heard of gawk, gawking, gawked, etc. But as an adjective?

  5. My 5th guess was vapor and now im nervous… I think Im screwed… Ill watch this once my streak is over

  6. I commented yesterday that I've observed the words being a bit more unexpected in the past weeks — today was an even better example! I was barely sure it was a word, but after my third guess I couldn't really come up with any alternative guess

  7. This was a wild ride. House didn't get me anywhere, so I went with Rainy, Balmy, Taffy, Wacky, Gawky, whew!

  8. Wordle 375 3/6




    I stared (or gawked) at this for a good five minutes after *THANK*, then I went for GAWKY and I was pleasantly surprised.

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