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Wordle 327 – 12 May 2022 #Shorts

Chris Remo
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Wordle is now hosted by the New York Times! Join me for the solve every day, and play it yourself here:



  1. He did it! Now, we get it * wink wink*. When Miyamoto says that he consults Chris-san, he doesn't mean Chris PRATT, he means Chris REMO, the REAL Mario!

    Btw, at least half of my students whose English is advanced enough to play wordle watch your videos now and then! It's great since they ask me for the meaning of the more difficult words you use. One is even into rebuses.

  2. Wordle 327 4/6





    SKULL [was going to use 'SLUNG' at this point but went with SKULL… and now I realized I did reuse a wrong placed letter twice]

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