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Wordle 287 for April 2nd – What is Today’s Wordle? 04/02/2022

Empty Apartment
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What is today’s Wordle for 04/02/2022 Wordle number 287 ? Join me and let’s find out & guess the answer together. Nothing too crazy today.
A new word daily, how do you like to play & what’s your strategy? Thought I’d try uploading my guesses, hints, clue, and answers, plus cool to archive it. April 2nd 2022

Play for yourself at:

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2:10 Wordle?

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  1. Easy one today. Got it in 3 with COAST-BLEEP-TROPE

  2. Wordle 287 2/6

    ⬜🟩⬜⬜🟩 ARISE
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 TROPE

  3. loved the double outro 😂

    next word "works" because i can hear people setting off fireworks right now

  4. I came back after 3 days on being inactive on YouTube because of schoolwork
    Rip the win streak ended but were back stronger!
    Also happy birthday to your dad
    I got it in 3
    Use "myths" tomorrow

  5. Got this one in 4 today with the following word order:

  6. Just bout got it. It took 6 tries. Boooooo. Lol.

  7. in the last few days i started with “trope” sooo often. when i saw all the yellow letters i got, i thought about the word trope but i didn’t think it could be it, because it was trove a few weeks earlier.
    i got it in 4: polar > roped > prove > trope

    start with “guest” tomorrow

  8. Got it in 4 because I picked ‘trove’ before ‘trope.’
    For the wheel: PARTY 🥳 for your dad.

  9. I surprisingly got it in 2 today!! PASTE –> TROPE
    DARES for tomorrow

  10. Colourful Mr. Wheel looking nice lol!
    Got it on the 2nd try today, was super lucky somehow haha

    Word: RAMEN 🍜

  11. 3 guesser after RAISE & TRUCE. Have no idea what TROPE means.., lucky friggin guess.

  12. got it in two today, starting with my fave starter tears! try pzazz tomorrow!!!

  13. Please use light because that's one of my favourite starting words

  14. i got it in 3: Shape tripe and trope!

    for tomorrows word: audio

  15. 4/6 today; REIGN, BREAK, and ERUPT were my guesses before solving. tomorrow: CADRE.

  16. I got second try today I did roate then trope you should try PZAZZ

  17. I had four letters after my second guess but completely forgot about that fourth letter and it took me six guesses today!

  18. Got lucky and got it on my 2nd guess I guessed irate first then got trope. And I’m very happy my word finally got chosen 😄

  19. Very nice! I got it in three. Giant, Touch, Trope.

  20. 3 tries today. Was so busy today, watching this pretty late.
    If not too late, then 'KVASS' for tomorrow)

  21. Well done considering what you started with.
    Trope was not a word that came quickly to me. I am surprised that I didn't think of trove first, but happy I didn't now. 🙂
    canoe-plumb-risky-trope was my chain today.
    I may have said this before, but your guess distribution is great, with four in the lead. This follows the way you play, and is no doubt, part of the reason for your 80 game streak.

  22. I got it in 2!!! Totally lucky!! Started with STARE, and then went straight to trope😂

  23. I got it on my last try I didn’t even know it was a word

  24. You should try doing the game globle you basically have to guess the mystery country everyday like worlds but for country’s it’s really fun

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