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Wordle 283 for March 29th – Tech Issues? – Today’s Wordle? 03/29/2022

Empty Apartment
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What is today’s Wordle for 03/29/2022 Wordle number 283 ? Join me and let’s find out & guess the answer together. Technical difficulties with today’s recording makes this one a mess. Sorry all!
A new word daily, how do you like to play & what’s your strategy? Thought I’d try uploading my guesses, hints, clue, and answers, plus cool to archive it. March 29th 2022

Play for yourself at:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Explanation
1:25 Second Guess
2:10 Wordle

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  1. Sorry all! Random technical difficulty hit the video today 😢. Went with doing this instead of ending the streak…

  2. Its sad that the recording program messed it up but we completely understand
    Still here to support you ❤
    I got it in my 5th try
    Use "myths" tomorrow

  3. Got it in 4.

    You chose right in posting with glitches and all, and handled it with grace and your usual charm.

    For Mr Wheel: CHOSE

  4. We will support you no matter what happens. That damned recording program.
    DARES for tomorrow 🙂

  5. Shit happens) I think the way you handled it is the best out of all other options. I like how you got up and left instead of sitting there to the end😀
    Word for tomorrow: 'Kefir'

  6. Probably should have blacked out the keyboard on the bottom too. FrankerZ
    Five also: … > Stain > Shady > Shack > Shall

  7. Loser for tomorrow(my friend gave the word)

  8. Hey, it's better than nothing for sure! Anyway, I got today's in 4, relatively straightforward except for the double l but I had s, a misplaced l, and a after 3 words so and I got lucky with my "-all" guess. Stinks that your recording broke today, so tomorrow's word: BROKE

  9. I love the honesty – you made the right choice. And good solve! For tomorrow: FIXED

  10. Got this one in 5 I got small on my 4th guess which led me to the word. Also I love how you still posted the video even if it was lagging that shows that you really want to get videos posted for us. Day 8 of trying to get Mr wheel to pick XYLEM

  11. Glad you decided to post the video anyway. It was a tad choppy but so what? Many of us are used to choppy video calls and meetings😄 It also took me five tries today – had to try three times to find that second letter.

  12. Don't feel bad. I still enjoyed it! Took me four tries today. I couldn't decide between shall and shawl, so of course picked the wrong one, so it took me the four tries.
    Nextword… Miser

  13. Yes I beat you finally. Also do audio it has 4 vowels

  14. Good idea to keep doing it so you don’t lose the streak, i would’ve done the same

    I got it in 5: their, shack, shawn, shalm, and shall. I didn’t think of the double L

    For tomorrows wordle: route

    i got it in five today and you should start with „guest“ tomorrow

  16. I realised I forgot to comment yesterday oops
    And also, don't worry about the technical difficulties! You don't have to apologise, it wasn't your fault, it happens. I'm glad you still went with it and uploaded the video because I enjoyed it regardless! A little bit of a choppy video once doesn't make it any less entertaining for me to watch!
    I got it in the 5th try as well!

    Word: RAMEN

  17. Got it in 4. A better performance today. Hope your technics get better by tomorrow. See you then. X

  18. in spirit of this video, go with… VIDEO tomorrow.

  19. I would much rather see this version, than for you to skip a day. Technical issues happen, and I'd change the title to just add "tech issues, but we fought through them" at the end, instead of "don't click this one"
    It was a "stupid easy" word today. Two folks guessed it in two. Not me. Got the "Phew" comment, and felt every bit of it. Nothing like having a blank line in the middle for your nerves, eh?
    Anyway, canoe-tulip-fudgy-alarm-swash-shall was my weird chain today.
    So glad we got to see your intro… that's always fun for me.
    I watch three folks (you, and two others) solve these every day.
    Sometimes, I start by myself, sometimes I watch the first one I see up to the selection of the first word, to better compare notes.
    Today was a by myself day, because I got started a lot earlier than normal.
    Again, thanks for hanging in there today.

  20. Wordle 283 4/6

    🟨⬜⬜🟨⬜ ARISE
    🟩⬜🟩⬜⬜ SOAPY
    🟩⬜🟩🟩⬜ STALK
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 SHALL

  21. I really appreciate the honesty, great vid, keep it up my man

  22. I finally got green on line 1, was nice, and two of them to boot. SLATE (website I've loved for years) got me greens on S & A, yellow on L. Found half a dozen possible words pretty quick and decided on SMALL. I had SHALL and SPALL left but wasn't sure SPALL would be on the wordlist, so went with SHALL. The way you first pronounced SHALL was like SHAWL.

  23. No problems. We thought it was kind of funny with all the freeze frames. Thanks for still posting.

  24. I went STEAL —> SHALE —> SHALL

    Steal is a great word for the wheel

  25. Started with shats. Regardless to say that ended well for me

  26. the word I always start with is aisle be cause it has three vowels and after that round

  27. Sorry that you had technical difficulties today. Things happen. Tomorrow do, "Issue."

  28. For the last two days I’ve gotten nothing but green letters. No yellows😂. It was funny because my grandpa had the same thing happen to him. Yes, I got my grandparents hooked on wordle😅
    Tomorrow: GRAND

  29. I’m just coming to this today, so I’m seeing the technical issues now. It’s all good. It’s always fun watching you do these, even though I have to watch these days after the video came out so I don’t spoil the word to myself (I still have to solve all the puzzles NYT cut out, so I had to solve words like agora and pupal).

    So anyway, here is how I did Wordle 286:

    Started with “stone” once again. I took a break from it yesterday, but today I went back to it simply because all my planning and practice only pays off when I start with this word.

    When I place the S, the first word I go with to continue on the puzzle is shark. This is because shark holds a place dear to my heart, so I can’t bring myself to choose anything else. It reminds me where I grew up, and it’s a part of who I am.

    Once I entered shark, I knew the word had to be shall. Normally the double L wouldn’t come to mind, but in this case it was the first word to come to mind given the clues I had. What was I gonna guess? Shady?

    So yeah, I got this in 3. Not only was this my 4th 3 in a row, but it was also the 6th word in a row in which it took me less than 4 tries to get the word as chest was a 3 and I had depot in 2.

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