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Wordle 267 for March 13th – What is Today’s Wordle? 03/13/2022

Empty Apartment
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What is today’s Wordle for 03/13/2022 Wordle number 267? Join me and let’s find out & guess the answer together. Losing an hour of sleep is no good!
A new word daily, how do you like to play & what’s your strategy? Thought I’d try uploading my guesses, hints, clue, and answers, plus cool to archive it. March 13th 2022

Play for yourself at:

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  1. Got this in 5 tries i was worried but you should do aries

  2. I got it in my 4th one
    Actually I got pretty lucky with bonus as my second word but then I did lotus so I got it in my 4th one
    Use "myths" tomorrow

  3. If you want an easy starting word try "meats" it uses mostly common letters. If you want a harder starting word I still like "queen".

  4. Please start with movie because you love Encanto

  5. This one took me all six tries, which is annoying because I entered “pocus” and it didn’t take it and it would have saved me sooo many guesses. Anyway, I’m commenting from my flight right now, so tomorrows word is: FLYER (yes, I had to use y to i to make it harder lol)

  6. I got it in third try. Rates>Fugio>Focus

    Start with AALII tomorrow

    I went back and watched yesterday’s video as I missed it since I was on the road all day.

  7. I started with Glass and then weirdly it transformed to " Focus"
    Tommorow's wordle : Coral

  8. Poketwo is not working from yesterday in all servers 😭😭😭😭😭

  9. dude I also guessed BOGUS but on the 5th try, it was very close so I got todays one on the 6th! phew!

  10. Arepa failed becuase the Venezuelan ones are better than Colombian ones.


    Next word can be after the other big movie on Disney+, PANDA.

  11. got it in 5 today: nasty > choke > fried > fouls > focus

    try „lover“ tomorrow

  12. I had fo and s at the end and guessed foxes. Got focus in 5 but happy to be here every day keep it up man it’s something I look forward to. You know the word for the wheel ‘fishy’ baby

  13. got it in 6 and i just want you give a tribute to mr.WHEEL .

  14. Wordle 267 3/6

    ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜ ARISE
    🟨⬜🟨🟩⬜ SPOUT
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 FOCUS

  15. I like the starting word haha I've never had an arepa but I want to try one, they look good!
    I got it in the 3rd try today!

    Next word: CHOIR

  16. 4 tries today. word for tomorrow: 'kefir'

    Tommorows Word: Blind

  18. Chive day dozen. Reminds of how people always told me to focus

  19. Done in four.
    For the 14th I pick White in honour of White Day which is observed in several Asian countries tomorrow…. and there's an amazing video game of the same name.

  20. Tomorrow is Pi Day – how about a SLICE of pie? Start it with SLICE.

  21. Well done.
    I somehow missed this one. Totally. So unhappy, but it happens, right? My first X in 18 tries, so nothing to do but start again, and it's been better since.

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