Wordle 262 for March 8th - What is Today's Wordle? 03/08/2022 - 2 Months of Daily Wordle! - wordle.plus

Wordle 262 for March 8th – What is Today’s Wordle? 03/08/2022 – 2 Months of Daily Wordle!

Empty Apartment
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What is today’s Wordle? Let’s find out & guess the answer together. Join me for today’s 03/08/2022 Wordle number 262 . Today marks 2 months of doing these daily wordle videos! Thanks everyone.
A new word daily, how do you like to play & what’s your strategy? Thought I’d try uploading my guesses, hints, clue, and answers, plus cool to archive it. March 8th 2022

Play for yourself at:

0:00 Intro
0:28 First Guess
1:30 Thank you!
2:15 Wordle

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  1. Go on go on please soon it will be 1 year before you know!

  2. I’ve been going with “Quick” for the past two months

    aka since I found your channel

  3. Congrats on 2 mos! 5 guesser for me…. RISEN > STEEP > SLEEP > SHEET…I'm exhausted. Need a band-aid. For 3-9 use CAUSE

  4. 5 tries today. Word for tomorrow: 'kefir'

  5. Got it in 5, the double E’s got me, I was so confident with swept on my 4th but I’ll take it. Next Wordle use shout

  6. TWICE for tomorrow in celebration of two months 🙂

  7. Congrats on 2 months and the success. Next stop, 10 million subscribers!

  8. i got it in 5! what reminds me of something sweet, candy
    tomorrows word: CANDY

  9. Got this in 2 by dumb luck but imagine that it may be a close call for some people – if it takes you a while to figure out the double-E, then you have limited guesses left for many possibilities, and even with S_EET, you can have SHEET, SLEET, SKEET, or SWEET.

    For tomorrow: BLEAT

  10. Can you please do TUBES for tomorrow

  11. I just started to watch this I wish to keep watching

  12. Here’s to many more months I got this shit in 6 but good stuff today dude. Fiiiiiishy on the wheel one day

  13. That was definitely a lucky word to start with knowing these are two "E"s right off the bat! I got it in the 4th try as well!

    And doing these videos for 2 whole months every single day definitely takes a lot of dedication! I really enjoy these a lot and it has become a part of my daily routine to watch them every day and seeing how you did! And your creativity with the videos makes it that much more fun! Thank you for doing these videos!

    Next word: BROWN

  14. It’s my routine now to watch your video right after I solve the Wordle, so I do hope you continue. I got it in three tries today!

  15. My word too, peace for ukraine 🇺🇦. 5th try today . 😄

  16. Next word knife
    Did all the cutlery last three words

  17. thank you my teacher said if we got wordle first try no word study

  18. Got mine in 5, I tried using Skeet then Sleet, and sweet was all that was left. Next Wordle use Adieu!

  19. got it in 5, the double e really confused me.
    try „lover“ tomorrow

  20. adieu-stone-sheet-sweet… figured when stone showed me no other vowel except for e, then it would be a double e… tomorrow's word "stone"… congrats on 2 months! Keep up the great work!

  21. Congratulations two months straight! You start our day with a smile.

  22. Wordle 262 3/6

    ⬜⬜⬜🟨🟨 ARISE
    🟩🟨🟩🟩⬜ STEEL
    🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 SWEET

  23. Nice i got it in 3 today. Not to bad for today. Also making these vidoes for 2 months is a big milestone and i hope you get to 3 months!

    It is international women's day today so next word shuld be: WOMEN

  24. Great job! Appointment viewing for me right after I do my puzzle. The 'excuses' at the beginning are funnier each day. Maybe go live one day, that may be fun to see. Thanks.

  25. mine in a five today :p my streak is 26 days! i love to stay up till 12 to do the wordle, then wake up and watch your video. congrats on 2 months taco apartment
    once i hit a one month streak, im going to start using the word that i suggest for you to start with the next day, just to keep it challenging for myself.
    tomorrows word: QUAIL

  26. I got it on my 5th today.
    Tomorrows word: TRIED

  27. congrats on 2 months !
    i got this one in 5 haha but tmw you should use Adieu

  28. Nailed a 2nd liner today, my second time managing it. STONE – SWEET.

  29. Dream – Stein – Sheet – Sleet – Sweet

    Why did my brain think of sheet and sleet before sweet 🤦

    Congrats on 2 months!

  30. Chive week 1. Hi! I enjoyed this wordle and used this 'Chive – Brand – sleep – steer – sweet'

  31. Congrats on 2 months posting! 🎉 I got it in 3 today! Tomorrow, do "Stone."

  32. took me 6 tries but it was my first game ever!

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