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Wordle 240 for February 14th – What is Today’s Wordle? 02/14/2022

Empty Apartment
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What is today’s Wordle? Let’s find out & guess the answer together. Join me for today’s 02/14/2022 Wordle number 240 . Happy Valentine’s Day! Man they really gave us a tough one for vday huh?
Everyone’s new favorite game. A new word daily, how do you like to play & what’s your strategy? Thought I’d try uploading my guesses and answers, plus cool to archive it. February 14th 2022

Play for yourself at:

0:00 Happy Valentine’s Day
0:44 First Guess
1:40 Cupid?
3:05 Wordle!

business contact: emptyapartmentgaming gmail

*Thank you to thatcheekychick on Reddit for the poem

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  1. Sorry in advance if that was too cheesy 😂, also what the heck this word!

  2. Wow what are the odds the wheel landed on heart haha amazing!
    Today's word was evil!! They did us dirty and that too on Valentine's day lol
    Got it on the 6th try I was so close to failing! It feels like ever since nyt bought Wordle, the words are getting much harder
    Anyways hope you and your wife have a great Valentine's day!

    Word for tomorrow: SHINE

  3. Made it on the 3rd try – got lucky with 'c' and 'n'
    Word for tomorrow – 'kefir'

  4. At the end I was just trying to put on every word there and got cynic at the last try
    Still don't know what it means
    Use "toast" tomorrow

  5. I got it fourth try as well.

    Start with SASSY tomorrow.

  6. Evil word today! Got it in three though. Great video today! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. This is the first day that I missed the word😑

    Tomorrow's word:treat

  8. The Y not being the last letter and the double C really threw me off

  9. I got it on my fourth try
    Use shark for tomorrow

  10. What a cynical word for a game that began with Heart. Hahaha thanks for your irreverent sense of humor!

    First time I have gone to 6.
    tomorrow: CLEAR

  12. I can't believe there were no hits for HEART on Valentine's Day!!

  13. I cheated. I was on the 6th try with the C and I in the right place but couldn’t figure out where the N went. And then came here to see what you got, cause I was stuck for some 30 minutes. The moment you typed in CY then it clicked.

  14. I guessed it on my 5th try, this one was pretty tough.

  15. I start with random words just to keep this game interesting, I don't use the wheel I just use what's on my mind at the time. Today's starting word was SYNTH. And I got a green YN.
    I spent minutes staring at what this could be as there aren't many words that fit that. I eventually put RIVAL just to get some more info and got a yellow I.
    Eventually I found CYNIC thinking of words that end in NIC.

  16. Didnt get CYNIC today. Stumped! INPUT—LININ—FINIS all came up short. Must be hungover from SUPER BOWL!! Tomorrow's word …FORTUITOUS… Ooops!! How about "FORTE"

  17. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll says:

    Got it in 4 i had the n and the i, i only knew where the i was, i had like a big brain moment and knew there had to be a y in it

  18. Glad to see the YouTube doing well. Best of luck.

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