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Wordle 226 – 31 Jan 2022 #Shorts

Chris Remo
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A new experiment: solving the daily Wordle puzzle as a YouTube Short, which must be kept under a minute in length! Play Wordle yourself here:



  1. If it was TIGHT you would've been doomed since you weren't even considering that (at least not verbally). I luckily guessed NIGHT on my 2nd guess but still guessed TIGHT and FLIGHT before LIGHT. What I thought was interesting with this one is that it was almost a bad thing to get the IGHT before eliminating a lot of letters, because there are a lot of IGHT words and if you're playing by hard mode rules you can only eliminate one of those options per guess if you haven't already with previous words.

  2. Close one! You were fortunate in your early guesses to eliminate the possibility of Fight, Right, Sight, Tight and even Bight.

  3. I got my second two-fer! My first guess had T and I but both in the wrong positions so I got really lucky.

  4. I got caught in this coin toss and chose poorly. RIP the streak.

  5. You should use the word from the prior day as your first guess the next day as an added challenge and a fun to way to tie the two days together

  6. The New York Times just announced it is buying wordle, According to Ars Technica. They must have been watching your channel Chris.

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