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Wordle 206 – 11 Jan 2022 #Shorts

Chris Remo
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A new experiment: solving the daily Wordle puzzle as a YouTube Short, which must be kept under a minute in length! Let me know if you’d like to see more of this. (Note that I repeatedly used the word “order” when I really should have been saying “position.” Apologies!) Play Wordle yourself here:



  1. Those jump cuts. You're becoming more and more of a youtuber. Can't wait for the travel vlogs and the mukbang videos.

  2. I'd love to see you speedrun a NYT Mini crossword as fast as you can in a short.

  3. By dumb luck I started today with drunk. Safe to say it was a swift solve.

  4. I would have gotten it on my 4th try if I didn't attempt PRINK before DRINK 😀 Some times I surprise myself with my idiocy. But in my idiocy I learned a new word.

    To PRINK – Meaning to make small adjustments to one's appearance.

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