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Wordle 10 Word Speedrun in 40.84

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Got pretty crazy luck here, I think this is about as fast as I can go without improving my typing technique. I lose time on some of the lucky words since I have to look at my keyboard to type fast lmao

Timing in the title is from the first frame that a letter shows up, to the frame that the final word turns green.

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  1. holy this strat is so good it got me my highest streak(which is 21)

  2. I was like damn how he doin this so fast and then he was like 🤓🤓🤓 and I wuz like AHAHAHAHAHAH,,!!! IM GOING CRAYCRAY!!

  3. Great strategy to win wordle in 5 guesses consistently… Rather not do this for one wordle. I use it for octordle to get as many letter out the way

  4. I recommend copy and pasting flame so you don't have to type flame

  5. I'm new but It took me 10 min to figure out "Purge" (got r and e right)

    And I still lost

  6. ngl that looked very copy paste and overall slow when you get the answer in the second try of the run but you are still typing the rest of the copy paste words strat


  8. This is why they only allow you to do one puzzle a day

  9. This isn’t wordle, it’s an unofficial version

  10. Anyone notice what it said on the wat left side of the screen.

  11. I used to use stale groin chump as my starting combo but that is even better, leaving just 6 letters un-used. Insane run, good job.

  12. If it takes you more than four tries you're doing it wrong. I usually get it on the third or fourth. Start with SOARE.

  13. why did you guess like 2 useless words on the third one when you had the full word, do you have a 2 minute delay XD

  14. flame brick and podgy and shunt are really good words

  15. Have you ever tried fjord, waltz, quick, nymph, and gyres? They leave 1 guess, but it's very easy

  16. Everyone gangster till the wordle doesn't have any vowels 😳

  17. Use the following words:

    The K is a given wherever the C is, and the S is much more valuable on the end to remove the plurals.

  18. Could be faster if u didn't continue guessing even when u have all the letters

  19. Nice! My fastest 10 wordle time was 80 Seconds

  20. my record time is 129.88 seconds but you did it way faster lol

    edit i now have done it at aproximately 80 seconds. im getting better you have competition sir

  21. This is the tactic i use,

  22. 2 of the words can be a little different SHUNT could be HUNTS and FLAME could be FLEAM

  23. And i thought my run was good. I have a PB of 4.4s for 1 word and 6 and a half minutes for 22. It seems your run had extremely good luck but im still impressed at your consistency when typing.

  24. Nahhni did faster, I was in school and we got it right so I went home and speedranit

  25. "Shunt" is when a girl wipes back to front.

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