Winning Wordle: The Best Starting Words To Use and Why | Mashable -

Winning Wordle: The Best Starting Words To Use and Why | Mashable

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  1. pudgy wharf vixen smock blitz. As in, this weekend they're holding a pudgy wharf vixen smock blitz at the Fashion Bug.

    That's 24 out of 26 letters in five guesses, and that's almost always enough to get the word in the one remaining guess.

    Where this really pays off is if you move on to Quordle, and you need to make your guesses count for more than one puzzle at a time.

  2. I use "stare" as my starter word, It's the only word that almost always gets me the answer even if none of the letters are correct.

  3. Todays hint said that the word started with the letter “E” but in fact, it started with the letter “N”. Not helpful!

  4. Who is this guy? I count on his bright and cheery self when I get up in the morning and look for the Wordle hints. But what's his name?

  5. Several days now, the clues have stated that there are no letters repeated when in fact there have been letters repeated. Whoever is writing these clues, get your act together, please.

  6. Since when does never start with "E' ? Sun. Feb 11/24

  7. 0:37: ⚡ Maximize your chances of winning Wordle by choosing starting words with minimal vowels to narrow down possible answers.2:13: 🧠 Optimal starting word for Wordle determined by information theory and letter frequency analysis.4:10: 🔤 Approaches to starting Wordle and their effectiveness, with a focus on letter frequency and game strategy.Recapped using Tammy AI

  8. I use RESIN as my first word then CLAMP as my second word provider no letters are revealed in the first word. I had a 190 winning streak with that strategy.

  9. Today's hint is wrong. "Queue" has TWO letters that appear twice, not one.

  10. 6:17 I just started playing 7 letter Wardle and after playing my first game(solved in 3) couldn’t find a stat sheet. Do 7 go to 6 letters, anyone know?

  11. I use Rates or Stare, and then Pound 👍🏻

  12. GHOST is the word I use on hard mode. It eliminates or gives clues to all the words that start or end with TH, SH, ST. Imo, having H in that second position has been invaluable. Even getting no letters is very informative, and I use CRANE as my second word in that case. I don't think we need to use a word with the highest chances of word elimination, as computer programmers suggest. We need to use a word with the highest chances of giving us clues, which is a concept far more difficult to program into a computer.

  13. It is spelled 'adieu'. lol Great strategies never-the-less.

  14. Roate

    19 unique letters in 4 guesses. Leaves a couple of letters you might wanna consider but has worked for me everytime so far 👍🏻

  15. I use an unorthodox strategy of starting with a word that doesn’t contain a, e, i, o, or u.

    So words like glyph, crypt, psych, etc. to eliminate as many consonants at the start.

  16. I like 'crest' as a starting word. It gets rid of R, S, T, and getting C in the right spot is an advantage.

  17. That is a letter in wordle the is dwarf adieu torso

  18. I use “CANDY” “BURST” “MOVIE”
    All three have completely different letters so you use up 15 letters and go through all the vowels plus Y. I’m 100% and the worst situation I was in was when the word was “PHOTO” and I only had an “O” & “T” after my three guesses. I pulled it off, but I was definitely sweating on the final guess.

  19. Hi all. Along the same lines I use ABOUT …. RIDES…. and NYMPH. It works most of the time but not 100% effective as the English language has a lot of word options. Thanks for the clip

  20. Heart Sound Milky—–forget EVERY OTHER strategy. This is 99.9% effective

  21. I don’t believe wordle is random not after this Thanksgiving word.

  22. Do these
    20 different letters!

  23. Wow. The way this video is pitched at such a low intellectual level you gotta question whether those people – or this guy maybe even – should or would be playing it. This kinda format is better for 5 year olds who’re learning the alphabet for the first time.

  24. TEARS 💦works great for me with the correct word by the 4th guess [78% of the time]

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