Win $100 for getting Wordle in TWO guesses! -

Win $100 for getting Wordle in TWO guesses!

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WARNING: contains spoilers for April 20 Wordle

The Jomboy Media office members see who can guess today’s Wordle in the fewest guesses.


  1. The wordle is never plural so i dont recommend guessing words like “cards, camps, or darts”

  2. I love how Jach plays at home, so much fun to play once, then now that you know your starting word and finish word you play a new game called cheating whear you find the best middle word to use on the show so you can feal special that your "smart" or just a lonely fart that enjoys liing and tricking others

  3. I'd pay good money to be in Dan's head for like 30 seconds

  4. 100 dollar as prize and they start talk to the camera ahahaha

  5. Dan's thought process is literally incomprehensible.

  6. Sam "Car… go's so many ways". Oh so close…

  7. If jolly woulda just played – the talking he woulda def won! Come on 🫒 get it together!

  8. Dan’s turn is so much fun. If he had just guessed carol he would have gotten there quicker but in one more guess. And then the fact the hat doesn’t fit his hair is so fun t

  9. Joez gave a grand speech about anime and star wars and using that to start then used with the word death

  10. Dan being in the winners circle of a word game while also refusing to believe words can end in vowels is hilarious

  11. Did I just see Joez finish in under 5 minutes

  12. I got it in 2 for the first time ever today. Ratio was the perfect starting word

  13. Excellent showing for a first timer on Wordle Wednesday! And I can't believe Matty would go and Dunce Lucas like that.

  14. I can't wait to see who's the first to join the even more exclusive TWO-time winners' circle lol

  15. Been waiting all day as I didn't get any updates, partly disappointed nobody got it in 2, but I realized late last night that if this is some crazy easy word (like Roate) I could end having to pay out a couple grand to the JM Fam. Them's the stakes.. That said, a big ups to Special Ops Bill for his time and Matty Mass for what he puts into this editing. Will still send over $100 to pay for some stale bagels for the 'Losers Circle' and to cover the time spent by Special Ops Bill for replying and forwarding some messages. BTW, the reason I offered this yesterday (Tuesday the 19th) was because the Wordle for that day was some total BS word that is technically foreign, or so I thought. After throwing my phone into the East River in disgust, I figured if anyone had got that one in 2, they deserved more than just an Elite Bagel. Thanks for all this content guys, we'll figure out some other incentives going forward.

  16. Bbd you know you’re better than carbo though cmon now

  17. gotta say jimmy's rocking the wordle hat the best, hopefully no one has lice tho lol

  18. I did the same damn thing as jake with largo on the third guess

  19. The way Jolly looked at the camera after guessing "scarf" was hilarious

  20. Why do they call it cargo when it goes by ship but shipment if it goes by car?

  21. I love how Zack is consistently better than everyone else at Wordle

  22. Ask Handsome Rob about his cancelled birthday pool party, and then watch him turn red

  23. Wordle 305 3/6


  24. Love to see Joez improving & Dan is hilarious!

  25. Sam.. definitely not cheating.

    Can Zack stop f-ing up the audio please? Thx

  26. I hope they do tomorrow's. Its near impossible

  27. Why do I get the feeling that BBD will never win unless he gets lucky on the first word.

  28. So many of you guys are obviously cheating when you look at the stats and it says you've only ever played one game everybody knows you tried it figured out the answer and cleared your cashe

  29. If the circle is broken the member at the bottom of that day's Wordle loses their spot. Let's add some stakes to this game baby!!!!

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