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Why Wordle Won’t Go Away

Colin and Samir
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00:00 Intro
00:41 Who invented Wordle?
01:28 iykyk
03:08 Lesson 2
04:24 vidIQ is seriously great
05:29 Lesson 3
07:22 Lesson 4
10:07 Lesson 5

Wordle, Explained.

Watch MKBHD’s episode: The Man Behind Wordle!

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  1. this is gonna be a big year to colin and samir i can feel it !!! keep it up guys, you’re teaching us so much !!!

  2. I'm learning English, I don't consider myself a great speaker but randomly I got today's Wordle!. I don't know how I did it, funny thing is I don't even know the word I wrote, I had to look for the meaning once I miracle guessed the word on my third try.

  3. I love wordle. My ritual includes it two times a day, I play the original and a German version.

  4. 99% of people don't even know what is DORDLE and you are telling us why this thing won't go away

  5. This was super insightful and actually really helped to give me a few new ideas for YouTube by giving me a non YouTube example of success. 🙌🏻

  6. How many of you have played the game today? :))

  7. i found wordle by my math teacher. Im not kidding

  8. You should do a video on JackSucksAtLife

  9. Suggestion: Do a 1 hour podcast episode with 12 subscribers picked from the comments. Each subscriber will have 5 minutes, where you can learn from us and we can learn from you. I’m a creator, and if you decide to do such an episode I would be honoured to be a micro guest!

  10. Colin: "it's all about reducing the friction"
    Cody Ko: "so one could say it's FRICTIONLESS"

  11. Please don't go away anytime soon Wordle 😭

  12. key ideas for wordle's success:
    1. audience of one (Josh Wardle creating wordle for his partner)
    2. iykyk
    3. scarcity

    4. ritual
    5. sharability
    6. accessible

  13. You didn't even explain why it won't be a trend and disappear in a few months

  14. I first watched this channel because you guys reviewed pete's pirate chest. Been a fan ever since ❤. Proud of your incredible growth

  15. So glad to be one of the few people in the world who doesn't give a %$&# about wordle.

  16. this is a weird comparison, but on the topic or creators It reminds me of VideoGameDunkey, as he does not post super often but there has just become the expectation that it will always be a banger even if its nothing like what he has done in the past

  17. I find the wordle popularity to be confusing because this game isn’t new. I’ve been playing lingo from the game show network for forever. It’s the same game!

  18. I want to publicly say to thank you for everything you have done for me with your herbs to cure herpes am so happy i met someone like you#Drbante you are so wonderful …

  19. My streak got over after i refreshed the page on a day and i got to play that day twice with 2 different words but the streak was reset which made me kinda sad 😂

  20. WORDLE is like the new "daily crossword puzzle" that used to be in the newspapers. What I find really interesting about it though is how deceptively difficult it is. On the surface it looks like a simple, easy game. But some words can actually drive you crazy trying to figure them out. It's brilliant.

  21. We need a breakdown on Bad Bunny and his rise in latin music. From a bagger boy to the biggest latin star in 3 years.

  22. Wordle was made popular by Facebook moms like mine

  23. Now how can I apply this to developing a VR game?

  24. Here is the power of wordle… When you said “oh yea cynic! that’s a tough one” i was like “oh yea i remember that one it was hard took me 6 tries”

  25. ya'll should look into growth hacking, the share-ability of it is very similar

  26. What a great 'Story' – now to bid the both of you 'Adieu'


  27. I give it 6 months before The New York Times puts up gates…. costs, email signups, ads…and ruins it. They like to be exclusive/niche and super challenging (I'm looking at you Will Shortz) and Wordle is …was… none of these things…in the English speaking world, though I have seen French Wordle being posted. Cynic is a great example of the NYT influence. It went from "skill" and "pause" to "caulk" (apparently very American, not used anywhere else) and "cynic" which, while it is a great word, I wouldn't say "super common" like the game is described.

  28. Collins sweatshirt having exactly the colors from wordle is such a cool detail

  29. If your math is good, play "Numberdle".

  30. That moment where you decide you must not know the word because you’d rather believe that than feel stupid.😬

  31. I honestly would be pretty disappointed if Colin and Samir don't make the list of the top 10 creators of 2022

  32. It's so amazing how you guys break down WORDLE's success! Appreciated for your creation here <3

  33. The way you described Wordless is so true. I started seeing my friends sharing these random coloured squares & people commenting on the post saying things like that one was so hard. I had to find out what the heck they were talking about. Then I joined in the game & yes even though I’m playing individually, now I compare my results with my friends & we comment on each other’s post. Now if I don’t get my game done each morning I feel as though I’m missing out! Very smart. Great video, new sub

  34. Really see that Mr. Beast advice kicking in , in the first 30 secs

  35. Not gonna lie I got cater wrong the other day and that just ruined the whole day for me. It was the one that ended my streak for the first time and it was like all my motivation just went away. Good thing it was only on streak 8 but man it must suck to lose while on streak like 120 or something

  36. Nobody's playing it now are they. It was just a trend like most things on the internet.

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