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Why Wordle Went Viral

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In his chat with Josh Wardle, Marques asks how Wordle became the global phenomenon that it did. After finding out how Wordle went viral, Josh also talks about some of the earlier successful internet social experiments he did during his time at Reddit.

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  1. Waiting for when WVFRM will be the word of the day on wordle.

  2. I really love everything about wordle. from the fact that it was basically a casual project for wardle and his partner, to all the mathematical solutions for the best way to do it, to all the weird and interesting spin-offs it originated (nerdle, quordle and etc). also it's really interesting to see how a project with no big corp behind it can become so captivating and widespread, like there's still a bit of old web2 internet alive in us. I mean nytimes changed it and basically corporatized it by removing all the bad words and adding some new strange words nad no one liked that.

  3. I didn't notice this getting popular at all. I actually think my first time seeing it was on an Instagram story and I didn't think much of it.

  4. Well, my Wordle journey started with you, Marques, when you introduced it to Andrew. Else, for a few weeks I've been seeing all these squares on my timeline and have 0 idea.

  5. It warms my heart when things like this happen. When someone builds something, not to make tons of money or go viral, but instead because they wanted to. They just wanted to solve a problem, or create something fun, or help others. And then it goes viral anyway.

    I think we could all do with more of these types of stories in our lives each day. Kinda restores faith in society.

  6. This guest has the gear, great mic and cam. Very interesting conversation.

  7. josh wardle: the next english teacher of intelk cetaphil moister.

  8. Great interview. I remember how involved people got on the Button. It felt like religious orders formed over the flair folks got. It was funny but pretty intense. I had no idea the same guy created Wordle.

    Also isn't Waveform 8 letters?

  9. the thing wardle is describing about the maths of how long people will keep pressing that button took me on a brain journey to season 2 of lost and the numerology therein

  10. Well he made a game inspired by NY Times and it got bought by NY Times. Mission success?

  11. i miss the place. I dedicated many hours to r/thebluecorner

  12. I had no idea that he was behind r/place & the button as well

  13. Really bro !!!
    What about the game called Mastermind

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