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Why Matt Parker was wrong about Wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving today’s #Wordle #428 for Sunday, Aug 21st, using a 5 word, 25 letter start created by Matt Parker. If somehow you’re not already familiar with Matt, check out his wonderful videos over at @standupmaths .

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  1. I routinely play the mega Wordle (64 words) using the WAQFS-VOZHD-GLENT-JUMPY-BRICK set and it works well for me, even if it doesn’t allow for any “wrong” guesses after entering those five. If anything it’s a good challenge.

  2. The biggest problem with a 5 word 25 letter start is that it's incredibly boring. That's basically all I have to say, it just makes the game not fun.

  3. First there was the (Matt) Parker Square and now the (Matt) Parker Wordle. LOL!!!!

  4. No, I believe that his list only contains possible wordle answers. The ones that you did before contained words that wordle accepts as guesses, but that can’t be the answer to any given wordle. The answer list is different from the accepted guesses list.

  5. Day 11 of asking Scott to try MADAM and CURIE for the famous physicist!

  6. Isn't the point to guess as quickly as possible? I use just two words – CRATE and PIOUS and I normally guess in 3 or 4 tries.

  7. I start withe BASTE. Incredibly lucky today, got it in three cuz I guessed PASTE second instead

  8. I believe this strategy is pretty bad. Lets imagine the answer is STEAL. Now picture you enter these 5 words. The answer could very well be STALE or LEAST also. if one of these 3 words are the answer, you only have a 33% chance to get it. also, there are many other scenarios like this like SPEAR and PARSE.

  9. Does anyone else miss the days of Scott showing us his thought process and getting Wordles in 3 or 4 guesses, on hard mode as well? Now all I’m seeing is 3 word starts on easy mode 🙁 I mean to each their own tho!

  10. I got in the -ASTE trap I still had PASTE, CASTE, BASTE, HASTE, WASTE. I got lucky and started with WASTE

  11. Day 20 of asking Scott to start with ‘SLATE’ and ‘OPIUM’ as they cover all the vowels and some common letters. (My start btw)

  12. I think Matt used the original list from Josh Wardle. The NY Times updated the list a bit and so I think the more common 5 word start used words that were not originally accepted.

    Although, almost getting something right is basically his trademark. Hence the Parker Square.

  13. On non-wordle games, I start with "STORE," "PUNCH," and "DAILY" to get the 15 most common letters.

  14. I have used the 5 word start that Scott used on Duotrigordle a few times.

  15. Can you do more Mathler on the channel? It was one of my favorite series a few months ago when it was prominent among puzzle channels

  16. Day 73 of asking to start with scoot scout and shout, it should be a hard challenge

  17. Maybe I've got the wrong idea. To me trying your own words and having to work at it sometimes is the fun part. Just sayin'. I could be wrong.

  18. You should check out todays quordle because it’s pretty interesting

  19. I got it in 3.

    Wordle 428 3/6*


  20. Day 111 of asking Scott to use “POOPS” “SMELL” as his starting words

  21. Day 30 of challenging you to start with TRICE, TRIKE, and TRICK

  22. Lmao I tried suggesting it and people corrected me in the comments, nicely caught by everyone else 🙂

  23. Got this one in 5 because of the -ASTE trap!

    My birthday is in 2 weeks (Sep 4th) and I would really appreciate it if you could start with HOUSE and TRAIN (my wordle start) or PLANE, SHOUT, and BRICK (duordle/quordle start) for my birthday.

  24. What about a challenge for tomorrow? D11 of asking you to start with MAMMA, DADDY, NANNA

  25. My man Scott is starting to get into some YouTube beef 😬😬

  26. Day 3 of asking Scott to start with my start AUDIO, CREST, GLYPH

  27. Day 95 of suggesting to start with "Queue" "Slyly/Xylyl" "Phpht" and "Agama/Anana", I did going, sweat, and waste, so I got every color for todays wordle lol

  28. Day 10 use my starting words RACES and TOUGH

  29. Can you start with THREE WORDS and START because you do a lot of three word starts

  30. Took me five. After two, I was almost certain it was an _ASTE word, but I could think of several (and forgot BASTE). I did a throw-away guess to try to determine the word with no luck. Went to PASTE. Nope. Finally did WASTE and breathed a sigh of relief.

    I have both a starter word as well as a full three word start. I'll go deeper into that list depending on the information I am getting from my first guesses. A single green or yellow letter isn't super helpful, so I would rather letter hunt in those situations.

  31. Day 21 of asking for DOGMA, KITTY, and BIRDS for the 3 of the most popular pets in the world. Aslo its 12 unique letters.

  32. today’s cell tower was pretty challenging

  33. Start with AAHED and ZYMIC for the first and last words in alphabetical order

  34. Day 2 of asking to use SONIC and TAILS for the best game ever

  35. Day 36 of asking Scott to start with pzazz and pizza

  36. Day 15 of asking Scott to start with ALPHA, BETAS, GAMMA and DELTA; the first 4 letters of the greek alphabet

  37. Day 53 of asking Scott strosolves to start with my starting words dairy stole and munch pls

  38. Day R of asking Scott for VIDEO, BOARD and CARDS for different types of games

  39. start ur next wordle with the three examples wordle gives in the instruction menu: weary, pills, and vague!!

  40. Lost my streak. Hard mode is rough. I guessed Haste, then Paste, Taste and Caste.

  41. Day 88 of asking Scott to start with heads, tails, and coins 🙂

  42. For those who are interested, there are as many as 10 combinations of 5 words, here they are:


  43. I got it in 5, atlas, taser, paste, whomp, waste. I did whomp because other words I thought of were haste and maste (don't know if maste is a word) also thought of caste aswell. And whomp covers the m, h and w

  44. I sometimes do Kilordle and WAQFS-JUMPY-BRICK-GLENT-VOZHD is the one that I use and it's pretty good

  45. This one took me 5 guesses! Took us a while to realize it was ‘_aste’ 😂

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