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Why Is Wordle So Popular and Why Did The New York Times Buy It?

How It Happened
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Why Is Wordle So Popular and Why Did The New York Times Buy It? How do you play Wordle? How does Wordle make money? Is there a Wordle App for iOS and Android? How much did the New York Times pay for Wordle? Is Wordle free? What’s the Wordle answer today? How much is a New York Times Games subscription? How does Wordle work? Will Wordle always be free? Did Reddit make Wordle? Did Josh Wardle make The Button and Place? How many languages is Wordle in? Can I play Wordle in Spanish? How can I download Wordle?

We discuss the New York Times’ multi-million dollar purchase of Wordle from creator Josh Wardle and what this means for the phenomenally popular spelling game. Here’s How It Happened.

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  1. extremely good content How It Happened. I crushed the thumbs up on your video. Continue to keep up the great work.

  2. How can I play Wordle for free but without ads?

  3. I mean, the Wordle archive os already down cause NYT requested, I Hope they don't put a paywall behind the game

  4. So he stole the name and concept from an app thats already been around for 5 years and then the guy whose app was cloned decides to donate the few bucks he finally made off it while steve sells his version to nyt for a few million.Yeah none of this adds up at all.

  5. I just thought of some new video ideas…Burger Chef (a defunct burger chain that almost beat McDonald's)Emperion (a relatively new UK startup that's supposedly working on a Windows-based smartphone called the "Emperion Nebulus")

  6. You should make a video on MoviePass. They quickly become massive a couple years ago and ended up bankrupt not long after, yet they're now making a return in 2022. 🤔

  7. fyi wordle; "Ultra" isn't a word. It's a prefix.

  8. Thanks for the explanation now im up to date

  9. Thanks for giving such a great content…I wish the voice could be more better

  10. Brilliant tutorial! Just talking about this today!

  11. First time opening up wordle today to see the NY times url, hopefully nothing else changes about the game🤷‍♂️

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