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Why is Everyone Playing Wordle?

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Why are there so many green and blue emojis al over Twitter? In this clip Marques explains what Wordle is to Andrew. This was recorded previously so it can’t spoil the word of the day for you!

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  1. My first word is usually AUDIO. 4 vowels off the bat.

  2. It's popular because it makes you feel like a genius for "guessing" it, but if you follow the process of elimination… it's REALLY easy to fall into the pit of success. It feels magical when you get the right answer, but with 30 total boxes and 26 possible letters in the English alphabet… the odds go up exponentially after each attempt.

  3. Hrm it's a nice idea, but favor is favour in the UK and there's no way I'd get Ameircan-only words.

  4. That's actually a French game show called Motus lol

  5. You know the answer is just in local storage right?

  6. lol I tried it out the same day you played it on the podcast! Took me ages because I'm not a native speaker and I kept thinking of 6 letter words.

  7. This reminds me of trying to Hack a terminal in the Fallout Series.

  8. Wonder whether it exists in other languages 🤔

  9. So it's basically the gameshow LINGO. anyone remember that show? I enjoyed it.

  10. Wrong title. If you change title to specific for english people then I can agree on 70%.

  11. Let Marques finish a sentence please. Stop cutting him off.

  12. I grew up on game shows and Chuck Woolery's Lingo was a favorite of mine so seeing this go viral actually made me very nostalgic.

  13. It's a variation of a very old game. In Italy you play this kind of game as a little kid.

  14. It’s like Lingo.

    Also the guy built it for his wife as a present, and it’s just spiraled out of control. Don’t envy the server bill

  15. The TV show in the UK is called Lingo. It’s been around since the 80s, and recently re-launched. The game premise is exactly the same.

  16. thanks guys! i'd managed to avoid playing… until now 🙂

  17. I'm glad it's happening. There are a lot of people with a small vocabulary who refuse to learn anything new. It's a clever way to educate people.

  18. 1:20 – I saw this on a gameshow before I heard about Wordle, not sure of the name but there is a UK gameshow that has the same idea.

  19. It essentially sounds like the board game Mastermind – except with words instead of colors.

  20. Got my word of the day in 3 tries, prolly could have got it in two if I guess bitch on the first try lol

  21. this is just lingo from the old days. i love that someone made a game like it though. someone should make a timed multiplayer version just like lingo was

  22. This is just a rip off of Mastermind — a simple game that came out in 1976. Not new.

  23. i think the dev's of it should make it into a app instead of on the web

  24. I assume someone has said it but the game show is Lingo with Chuck Woolery

  25. Can you fix the eq settings on the mics. A little audio work and the production quality would go way up! (Ps. Fellow audio engineer :)))

  26. Alphabet version of Mastermind.
    Mastermind is with Colors, Wordle is with words.

  27. The magic is when you search for world, google logo changes like wordle

  28. What headphone are you(guy in left) wearing? Looks like audio technica. Model?

  29. this style of game is pretty old. Mastermind is the earliest iteration I'm familiar with, using colors instead of letters

  30. This game is so boring! How do you know what word to even start with? I have tried random 5 letter words and nothing not one yellow letter. Stupid game!

  31. My teacher literally showed us this last weekend lol

  32. This game seems like a digital version of ‘Hangman’. 😅

  33. the game is actually mastermind it has different colour of pins and one of the two groups makes a combination with those colours

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