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Why are there NUMBERS in my #WORDLE!?

Scott Stro-solves
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#shorts #mathler
Solving the Mathler for Wednesday, February 2nd.
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  1. You should definitely try out contexto it’s a very fun interesting game where you try to guess the word but it is also really hard.

  2. I also got it in 3! Good job 🙂 I feel like the starting "word" is really important. Maybe don't repeat numbers/operators next time!

  3. This was tricky. I tried using '04' as a number and it didn't like that. lol.

  4. Well, this is an interesting new thing…

  5. I don’t mind what you produce I enjoy both worlds and Mathler

  6. yo mine was bugged if the next days equals 19 then mine went ahead a day

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