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WHO CAN SOLVE THE WORDLE IN 2 GUESSES? [feat Michael DiCostanzo]

Kenny Haller
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WHO CAN SOLVE THE WORDLE IN 2 GUESSES? [feat Michael DiCostanzo] In this video. me and Michael try to solve the wordle in 2 guesses first, but things… didn’t go well. Like, Comment, and Subscribe if you enjoy, and make sure you watch the end to see the INSANE ending!

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Edited by Thomas Raker –

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  1. So funny! Love seeing both of you in a longer video!

  2. sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm says:


  3. No to be that guy but at one point Kenny said game 25 and then game 25 so they actually tied! 😅

  4. Kenny the editing on this is absolutely top tier 🔥🔥

  5. This is my 4th time watching this video. Best video you've made so far. Keep it up Kenny!

  6. On my wordle of the day I guessed it on the second try somehow 😂

  7. Kenny you should guess apple instead of gamer😅

  8. Kenny and Michael videos are always a favorite 😌

  9. Nice! I did this challenge also, I got it in 2 on game 10, and the word was TOUCH

  10. Something nice about you, Michael, and your editor.

  11. Something nice about me, Michael, or my editor

  12. Michael vs Taylor Swift is the best rivalry in sports rn

  13. Your editor is so good at editing, and you and Michael are the GGOATs!!

  14. Hello Kenny your videos are good you deserve 1m

  15. Love the brain game videos Kenny.. Good luck 👍👍🤣🤣

  16. honestly i love these longer videos. not just the worlde content but also you guys’ personalities are so entertaining 🙂

  17. the fact michael has my music taste it lowkey everything

  18. Played along and got it in like 8 tries lol

  19. Michael, I was rooting for you.And I wish you won!

  20. was the 55! reference sammy hagar's I can't drive 55 or no?

  21. the green shirt in the background of michaels videos 😭

  22. Your smile looks goofy by the way that’s a compliment

  23. low key i watch these at night and for some reason they relax me so much

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