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When You’re Addicted To WORDLE

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If you’ve played WORDLE, you know how easy it is to get addicted. WORDLE is taking over the world right now, and it’s clearly taken over my girlfriend too. She’s obsessed… 🤦🏽‍♂️
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Hey! We’re YouTwoTV aka Jaz and Harjit! Welcome to our channel where we post sketch comedy videos about relationships, school, rich vs. broke, and all kinds of other stuff! If you’re new here, hit that subscribe button. If you’ve been here before, welcome back. 💛

If you’re still reading this, comment “I BID YOU ADIEU”. Don’t tell anyone. This is our secret.


  1. Omg yess finally new video I am a huge fan but I have a favor, can I ask you gyies?

  2. I’m not getting into cuz it sounds stupid

  3. You should start with the word Adieu, that is what I start with

  4. You guys are super awesome and amazing and I love you guys so much and I love your guys watch YouTube video and I’m subscribe to your guys YouTube channel and post notification bell are on and can I get a shout out to my YouTube channel is awesome sauce henry


  6. nope until this game I’ve never even heard of mortal before seems seems cool

  7. Your videos are really good, please keep posting more and more content

  8. My favorite word to start with is “irate”

  9. Jaz was actually me when i used to play wordle everyday

  10. Cant Beleve the Journy 6 years! Happy for you two Thanks for making me happy in my life you sre the brightside of life thanks.

  11. I'm not addicted, I can stop refreshing at any point, I just don't want to

  12. Litterally everyone in my family play wordke we are addicted

  13. I clicked on this video just cause i saw Wordle and we play Wordle at school but nice video.

  14. My brother showed me this game and then the next day I came into class with my 2 classmates playing this game for an extra 2 dollars from our old math teacher

  15. Currently on a 9 streak run. Although, I'm trash and can only get like 4/6 on a good day, usually 5/6.

  16. Did anyone else's LA teacher make them play this game??

  17. I KNEW the word would be “loser”!
    (I play Wordle too btw)

    i thought it was just me my teacher made us play it in class lol

  19. i dont play but my school is hosting a wordle compation and whoever wins gets a pizza party i hope my class wins

  20. best strategy ive found is
    yes those are actual words and it uses every letter in the alphabet except x

  21. Wow I loved the video
    I am a big fan of ull
    I subscribed and even follow ull on snap chat
    And even messaged ull
    Loved the video
    Can't wait for the upcoming videos on Sunday
    God bless ull
    Love ull

  22. In my school! Every Morning we play Worldle 😭

  23. I like Wordle a lot! I've played every day, failed once recently. Usually I get it in 3-5 tries. I got 2 tries twice but that was early on in playing so maybe beginner luck. Lol it's fun and I'm glad it's only available once a day, makes it more fun I think!

  24. I love this channel so much there so funny

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