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When you get lucky on #wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving Wordle #227 for Tuesday, February 1st.
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  1. Me who has never heard of nor seen this game before in my life: his goals are beyond my understanding.

  2. If you go on toatlly science u can do and anout of wordles

  3. Here's a suggestion: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE DARK MODE.

  4. I actually also would have went with those lol

  5. So ive been using ratio as my first word every time, and then one tine the word was literally ratio so i got a first try guess, was quite a shock lol, i dont know how many words are in wordle but those odds are insane lmao

  6. No joke after watch this i proceed to play today’s word and got it second try. You made my day.

  7. Me to my son, do you really watch ppl play video games on YouTube?

    Also me, watching someone play wordle on YouTube 🤦🏻

  8. I got quiet first word try once. J thought outta box and got it with first word.

  9. Don’t remember which day it was but I normally start with other
    Yeah I was pretty shocked

  10. I got a 1/6 with other due to 3 Blue 1 Brown's first Wordle video mentioning the starting 'other, nails'

  11. a kid that's an expert at mems lmaoo says:

    oh so this the name of the bookworm minigame

  12. Good job, you got lucky on my bday

  13. i did the same thing this morning. i started with shout and then just guessed choke and got it lmao

  14. Reminds me of Toast starting with the word “Crane” as his first guess and getting the answer which is “Wheat” on his second guess.

  15. Has anyone ever gotten it on the first guess without cheating?

  16. I got wordle 1st try and it was my first game ever playing wordle

  17. That's how I felt a few days ago (Feb 25th)

  18. For some reason my first word that day was THESE. Getting THOSE in two let me retire from the game.

  19. I always start with the word AUDIO, because it covers most of the vowels.

  20. I did my first Wordle today and I got it at the third guess. I love this game.

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