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When Everyone Gets The Wordle But You

Onyx Family
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Rita can’t seem to get the Wordle of the day. Despite everyone around her getting it. #wordle #comedy #relatable

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The Onyx Family, America’s Celebrity African-American family of entertainers and authors, consists of parents, Mirthell and Rita, and their four children Shalom, Sinead, Shasha, and Shiloh. With a following of over seven million across social media and over three billion views on their content, their mission, “Tell the Story, Feed the soul, Make them Laugh, Heal the heart,” reaches families around the world. Their multi-million dollar enterprise includes books, music, podcasts, branded merchandise, speaking engagements, television appearances, animations, and streaming shows on multiple platforms. Through funding community outreach programs, contributing to HBCU scholarships, and participating in various mission projects, this family’s vision is to give back by inspiring families and children around the world to live out their greatest hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

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  1. Dang yall have gotten so big, I remember watching yall when I was like 7

  2. I always get it in one bc I copy my friends 😢

  3. I remember when Shiloh had little hair, I remember y’all when I was like 4

  4. Funny and relatable 🤣 😄 😆 😂 😅

  5. Her name the mother is rita and what is she doing now man I get a in to tuesday I ain't going on the date okay tuesday is a day of a week.

  6. So funny and so relatable much love❤

  7. i used to pronounce the word "wordle" as "word-le" until i was talking to someone and said the word wordle and they started laughing so hard at me. never again 😭

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