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What’s the Hardest Answer in Wordle?

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If you’re an avid Wordle player, you know that some words tend to make harder puzzles than others. But which one makes the hardest puzzle of them all? That’s what I wanted to find out.

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Starting sets used:

Wordle Solver:
3Blue1Brown’s video:
Twitter’s Wordle Analysis:

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BGM (In order of appearance):
Termite Capitol by Tristan Alric:
Work That Honey by Tristan Alric:
Outskirts by Tristan Alric:
Lands Untamed by Tristan Alric:
Reckless For Glory! by Tristan Alric:
Mothiva’s Grand Stand! by Tristan Alric:

Hey, what are you doing all the way down here? Go watch the video, silly!


  1. best opening obviously pzazz, fluffy, mummy, mommy, poppy or you can use steak, stake, state, stats, takes

  2. The hardest for me was epoxy. Only time ive ever lost

  3. i use serai, godly, bumph and if i don’t get a lot from that i use track

  4. I actually thought of crone almost immediately and didn't even realize prone was also possible until you mentioned it. Not sure if I should feel like a Gigachad or dumb for blanking out on basic vocabulary.

  5. The thing about daily wordle metrics like scrubbing the data off twitter is that it probably introduces bias, with early words that appeared when players were still trying to figure out the best strategy doing way better than they should.

  6. If scrabble dictionary joined wordle, PAEON, AULOI, AIOLI, OIDIA, AIDOI and many more vowel dumps

  7. “A guess is a guess. You cant just say its a half”

  8. 11:17 I don't speak english and i have no idea about the meaning of any of these words lol

  9. 6:13 Just wanted to say that was hilarious. Was not expecting SM64 when I clicked on this video

  10. For all the people who are too lazy to watch the video here it is 17:03

  11. 17:54
    JAZZY!! YEAAAAH! that’s my starter word!! i’m so proud to see it up there 😀

    and great video! the presentation, math, and explanations are all really great.

    Also, i was playing when SWILL came and it was terrible. I didn’t fail but i got it in 5 or 6 if i recall correctly. i didn’t know of the word swill until i solved it, but i was at the point where i was pressing enter on just about anything that looked like a word.

  12. Lol I tried it on adverswordle and it took the AI 8 guesses to get your hardest word. Great video and thanks for the satisfaction of watching adverswordle struggle for once lol.

  13. 12:58 has a Z (rarest letter) and a Q (2nd rarest letter) but no E (most common letter)

    Doesn't sound very good

  14. Is it a bad sign I actually thought "crone" first?

  15. The wordle guesser actually somehow isnt 100% right. I did a round, and it said Focus was the answer. Turns out, it was Cushy.


    0:45 🟩🟩🟩⬛️🟨 with Salet could also be Salts

  17. 14:59

    I have 2 starts with fruit and piano:

    Honey Fruit Clasp
    Piano myths cruel

  18. I remember my first Wordle game- it was actually the Swill one, so I learned a new word that day.

  19. 2:38 The trick is to put “WAXER” in the fifth answer in order to guess correctly on the next guess. It has both a W and an X, it has an “ER” at the end, and if you get none of those, use “TERRA” to solve the puzzle.

  20. 2nd most obscure, Parer, is todays word


  21. A half guess is when you keep holding down your ending word from yesterday's puzzle to the start of today's.

  22. The link to the full list cannot be accessed, could you please update it?Thank you.

  23. When you first put might
    Me:so its something _ight
    Me: i can answer 5/9

  24. That is only one interesting and fun maths lesson

  25. 17:51 Man, the irony of me missing Alien in Wordle Archives, but getting Boozy (in five tries).

  26. Honestly I myself wouldn’t mind doing a few thousand games of Wordle for an experiment

  27. What were the words on your thumbnail?

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