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Kenny Haller
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I ranked 30+ Wordle games, including Globle, Nerdle, Worldle, Factle, and more! I hope you enjoy and follow for more!


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  1. as a Weezer fan I was really looking forward to seeing his opinion on Weezle, as I never got the chance to play it. It was cut out and I will never get over that.

  2. Wordle unlimited:"Ight kenny what's your first guess?""Dicks""Cock""Ball"

  3. framed, moviedle, posterdle, cinenerdle, and netflixdle are very good games as well

  4. fabulous content Kenny Haller. I broke the thumbs up on your video. Continue to keep up the solid work.

  5. hello! you’re one of my favorite content creators rn, your videos make my day. keep making funny videos pleaaase!!! 🙂

  6. yo kenny what’s the link online for hurdle, i can’t seem to find it

  7. during editing, you can add interpolated frames to what you used to record your camera output to make it a whole lot smoother (im pretty sure you can do this with davinci resolve)

  8. If you guys want to have a good challenge play Cheesle. You have 6 tries to guess the first 5 moves for both colors of a mainline chess opening.

  9. i know you didn’t add this in this video but, but when you played taylordle i was the one who said cats 😭💀

  10. I clicked on this video assuming you were a youtuber that was verified wiht hundreds of thousands of subs. after watching it my opinion didn't change because of how good you are. I only figured out of have under 1k when i went to check the comments. INSANE

  11. i letterle NOW i i do it in one guess holy cappp

  12. You did hurdle dirty there, it’s at least eh, maybe play

  13. April 8 letterle I got it in two tries it’s j

  14. Dude, one thing, the quality it really really really really really really really laggy, so just try to make it smoother

  15. You missed my favorite game Duotrigordle 😡 definitely S tier

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