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What is a PAR in Wordle?

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #294 for Saturday, April 9th.

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  1. I usually go Reins, Tacky, and Gumbo for my starter words

  2. Got in 2 using SCARE! My god was top tier this one

  3. Day 10 of asking for SALET JUMPY BRICK and FOUND

  4. i was really proud today i guessed
    mends (got a yellow s)
    lucky (all greys)
    then tried stain (got all greens except the n)
    then finally stairs

  5. Scott I hope you try the crosswordle today (the one that ends with “guard”). thought it was easy until i had to fill in the greys! curious to see how you would go about it

  6. i said adieu first and when the i and a were yellow i tried "tails" and then the t a i s were yellow, so then I tried "stain" and then I got stair fourth try

  7. I got todays wordle in 2 tries. I started with "raise"

  8. my newest opening has been MOIST, then if if I get nothing I’ll do LEARY and then CHUNK. Id like to see how you do with my interesting opening

  9. Id say 4 is a par for wordle, defs average. 3 is birdie for sure 😉

  10. I got it in 2 today with my first word being Pores. Nearly got yesterday in 2 (Guessed scary then scare), so was happy to have a 2.

  11. I thought I had it with "Stain" especially when I seen them all going green. Of course, I got stair on the next guess but still.

  12. I always start with candy and store and I got it in 3 today. Maybe you could start with it?

  13. I got it in 3 also by starting whit Ready then I said start and then stair

  14. Try stamp, brond and juice next time it really helps me

  15. My alien starting word was so lucky and got it in 2

  16. you should try foodle
    its like wordle but instead of any word its only food

  17. The cross wordle was actually so hard, I dare you to do it

  18. Can you start with:


    I start with those three on quardle but probably not wordle since that’d already take 3/6

  19. Someone I’m living with also got it in three, but I tried the challenge you did 3-4 days ago with the 25 letter thing but I got 5 yellows with only 20 letters so I got it 5th try.

  20. start with ratio then mends then lucky

  21. I got it in the 2nd try starting word was aster

  22. This is my go to for octordle but it’s usable on wordle too. Flame, Shunt, Podgy and Brick. Basically all letters done in four.

  23. My three starters are Crane, Moist, and Bulgy. Maybe you could try them 😀

  24. I prefer Blank or Black as a starting word.

  25. Day 3 of asking you to start with “store” and “price”

  26. i got it in two! my starting word is stare or stale

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