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What Happened to Wordle?

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Wordle has been absolutely blowing up lately, being the newest craze that everyone is tweeting about. But only recently, it seems to have gotten in some controversy. So in this video, I want to explain how the New York Times changed our favorite word game. Let’s talk about what happened to Wordle.

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  1. No joke, I always think of Flappy Bird when people talk about the history of Wordle. It's such an iconic case study.

  2. You're so witty wtf. This video is beyond perfect hahah. As someone who never played Wordle, this gives a nice retrospective lens to it all.

  3. I have never heard of it. πŸ˜… I’m just lucky that way I guess. πŸ˜‚ Loved this video as usual, and the new subject was interesting. Great humor and writing as usual. πŸ‘ Thank you for sharing. ❀️

  4. I really hope you mention lingoEdit: ah man πŸ™ but seriously, great video. This is like the 6th in 2 days I've watched. Your personality is both calming and entertaining

  5. So few views, so much quality. Glad i'm amongst the first.

  6. Watching after seeing Elden Ring critique. Majorly underrated channel man, I hope ER can give you a good boost

  7. You're really eloquent, I like hearing your thoughts on things. Here's hoping your channel gets some well-earned growth.

  8. Just found ur channel and am baffled that you don't have more subscribers. Keep up the good work πŸ‘

  9. You got a good thing goin man. You're enjoyable to watch, good job

  10. I really like this simple style combined with how you express yourself, nice vid
    Wordle fell out for me when I found Quordle, which is the same concept but with four words simultaneously and nine attempts to get them

  11. I was weirdly stubborn about not playing wordle while it was popular, because people talked about it so much I didn't want to know. Now that people have forgotten about it, I've finally started playing it recently! It's weirdly peaceful to be able to play it without everyone going on and on about it.
    Also interestingly, it remains free on browser at this stage, though as soon as that changes I will definitely be dropping it.
    Very interesting video!

  12. Damn it’s crazy to see just how little attention you used to get back in the day

  13. Let's be honest, Wordle wasn't even that groundbreaking if you ever played Mastermind. It was fun, but it definitely was a flash in a pan game like Sudoku was back in the mid 2000s

  14. 6:17 thanks for telling me how to bypass it i actually couldnt figure it out lol

  15. No it was like when you find out super smash Brothers was made by Mr smash Brothers

  16. Wordle 500 6/6







  17. I still play it everyday while taking a shit. Also, in Brazil, there are three games like that: Termo, Palavra do Dia and Letreco. I play them all. It's relaxing.

  18. I was forced into knowing about it by my software engineering course assignment being to recreate the game in Python, so now I know exactly how it works very much against my will.

  19. The Flappy Bird dev is one of the few people in the world who still have a spine

  20. I didn't know what wordle was before this video but I'm guessing it's likely cause I don't use Twitter

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