[Vinesauce] Vinny plays Wordle + Clones - wordle.plus

[Vinesauce] Vinny plays Wordle + Clones

Vinesauce: The Full Sauce
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Vinny plays Wordle on Vinesauce!
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Stream date: Jan 20th, 2022
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  1. 2 minutes in and I'm so glad I'm not the only person who struggles the same exact way

  2. what's the very first song of the video again?

  3. vinny guessing felch but then not typing it, only for the correct word to ACTUALLY be felch was fucking beautiful lmao

  4. Old italian american man tries to cure dementia and plays word games

  5. Am I not Wordly enough for the Wordl Club? Yer her her her herrrr

  6. hey chat the song at 16:55 triggered something in me i know it but cant remember the name / game please HELP

  7. always start with "STONE", "LUCID" and "HARPY" to get as many of the most frequent letters checked

  8. Vinny's vocabulary of fake words is so immense that he makes this game so much harder for himself.

  9. A somewhat complete collection of English major Vinny's made up words:

  10. Vinny failing to grasp absurdle was painful

  11. I guessed "STALE", since it's got a lot of common letters, got zero letters right. Decided "CRIMP" would work next, since it's got a lot of common letters and none in common with the previous word. Got it right, the word was "CRIMP". Crazy.

  12. 12:31
    the word is cunty
    youtube considers cunt a slur on par with the n and f words now apparently

  13. I did not need to know what that word meant. I would have been fine my whole life without knowing.

  14. missed opportunity to make the thumbnail Loss

    smh john

  15. A certain type of Twitter artist should either make art of the day’s wordle, or put it in a corner of unrelated art so that you can spoil the day’s word without having to scroll past it.

  16. I played an offshoot of sweardle and got "fart."


  17. Sitting here with penos, pissy, and boobs on the screen?

  18. If you want to win at this, use the following for the first three words:
    That covers pretty much the most common fifteen letters in the English language.

  19. The previous video thumbnail was apparently too spicy for YouTube.

  20. Love all the people in the comments yelling at Vinny for not playing the game how THEY want him to.

  21. What playlist is Vinny using for music? He used it in the Garlic Phone videos too.

  22. i dont think he understands how wordle works

  23. Is this game literally just Lingo without the ball grabbing

  24. I love how quickly he got the critical hints for tenor and just couldn't guess it for the longest time.

  25. My whole family have been playing this, I didn't expect Vinny to

  26. English major realises he's on the spot in front of an audience and whiffs.

  27. I screamed when he spelled tenor backwards and didn't even notice

  28. watching him play absurdle and not realise the letters turn light grey when theyre used almost gave me an aneurism. then he even said out loud "oh its opposite" but kept doing it wrong lol

  29. Bruh, this is literally 100% the same as a Dutch game show called "Lingo"

    Edit: (Which has been around since 1989)

  30. thanks for making me search what filching was vinny

  31. I was scared that the first one was going to be robux

  32. YouTube seeing the word "C*NTS": 😠
    YouTube seeing the word "P*SSY": 💲✅👍🏻

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