US Presidents Play WORDLE #9 -

US Presidents Play WORDLE #9

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US Presidents Play WORDLE #9. Presidents Plays Series where Trump Biden and Joe play WORDLE!

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Please note that the upcoming video includes AI-generated voice clips featuring various individuals. These fabricated voice clips are intended solely for entertainment purposes, and they should not be interpreted as an accurate representation of the real individuals they mimic.


  1. This is one of the funniest pieces of media ive ever seen and joe is partially right,the embryo inside the egg is an animal but how would sleepy joe get that

  2. US presidents play FNAF pls
    I want to see grumpy trumps get what he finally wanted out of sleepy joe

  3. That Barbie Girl singing was crazy! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. I like all your videos, but I am happy to see Wordle again!

  5. An egg is not an animal. An animal grows inside the egg, and as for the elephant example, a baby elephant grows inside the mother elephant's womb. Therefore, to say an egg is an animal, would also be saying a womb is an animal, which it is not.

  6. I got an idea for the next one in the thumbnail it's diggers biggers N………

  7. I mean, I was asked to comment about 12:37 to comment. So, Joe, if an egg is an animal then a foetus is a person. Argue about that what you will, presidents.

  8. “You f### your dog and let him lick peanut butter off your balls”💀

  9. Even if Obama technically said the n-word he would get off scot-free because the n-word is offensive to people of color

  10. We need george w bush involved in the wordle series

  11. A thumbnail for 10th episode Is Way Say Lay Ga

  12. When Joe says la la la la it sounds like he is moaning

  13. Yes i agree with sleepy joe an egg is an animal

  14. 1) Obama is not a racist, don’t worry everyone.
    2) Although chickens start their lives in eggs, I still don’t think eggs are actually animals, such as their human counterparts: ovums are not either.

  15. That was so hilarious When joe was singing I think barbie is one of his favourite Tv show's

  16. Bro now we need to solve 2 qquestions💀
    What came first. The chicken or the egg
    Is an egg an animal

  17. Commenting to confirm eggs are animals and Obamarama the Llama is racist

    Also the Filet O Fish actually is one of Trump's favorites irl

  18. Obama is not racist he black and he the president he gets the full racism pass

  19. I think egg is an animal because once it grows up, it will be common animal. That’s what is used to make babies

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