US Presidents Play WORDLE 26 -

US Presidents Play WORDLE 26

Top Presidents
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Top US Presidents play Wordles 26. A flat out crazy Wordle game between the Top 4 US Presidents.

This video in its entirety is satire and is simply to entertain and for laughs. I am in no way trying to offend anyone nor trying to create false information. Neither figure in this video is real and what you can see and hear is made by A.I.

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  1. What should be the next punishment for loser?- Bush

  2. The title should be US Presidents Play WORDLE 26

  3. Haha really funny when joe get intro right 😂 thanks Top president for new video 🎉❤ and can't wait you guys see what will happend in Donald FNAF 6 business

  4. Did Joe got the intro wrong again? 😡

  5. Trump is the one that would be the one who gets jailed before me hahahahaha and sleepy joe pedo run kids

  6. Nice video as usual and Joe Biden cannot get the intro for once lol but really happy for him to get the word at the last moment

  7. biden is ofc useless, subscirbe to top presidents

  8. Donald: world's best boss
    Joe: wordle king
    Obama: blackest drone striker
    Bush: smartest one

  9. Would love to see the presidents play that game where they gotta hide from Mariah Carey after she defrosts

  10. I swear with all this crazy I'm surprised no punches been thrown or no pain other then that great video~ Uw0

  11. speeder five nights with Mac tonight series says:

    Please play five nights with Mac tonight only the first one please it's based on old McDonald's characters please that went corrupt

  12. Please invite the soccer players for wordle 30

  13. Like I said Joe is clumsy,donny is the coolest and richest,Obama is the smartest and George is the nicest

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