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Today the @Regulars @Sigils @Biffle @Henwy @Nicovald test their spelling skills in this Wordle showdown!!



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❗About the Regulars❗
The Regulars are a group of four YouTuber friends named: Biffle, Henwy, Nicovald, and Sigils. On this channel they will be doing a lot of: lifestyle, reactions, vlogs, and challenges!

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  1. Lmao sigils guess the word that was the same as the day it was posted

  2. So pretty much wheel of fortune without the wheel spinning part

  3. I laugh that no one noticed that in the last challenge that Henwy Cheated cause it the top left of the words it said he was doing challenge 13 and the other Regulars were doing challenge 14. LOL

  4. I played wordle with my mom the other day and the word was “other” just like in the video

  5. Wordle is the new thing for sure these days! Fun to see the Regulars getting caught up with it too 😂

  6. whats that last game called when ever i look it up it showss somthing wierd what do i search?

  7. This video is missing lots of jeromi salami (Jerome) and HENWY LICKS TOES! Henwy 😛s 🦶s

  8. That first wordle they did I got that in 2 tries

  9. You thought Quordle was hard…
    Wait till you see Octordle and Sedecordle.

  10. 15:21 caret EDIT:not carrot caret (caret has something to do with gold)

  11. apparently i watch every insane craft under a rock

  12. Hat Henry is a different type of Henry! Hat Henry is built different!

  13. When henwy had his thing done at 7:22 it said next wordle 52 minutes but when the other people won they said 8 hours 52 minutes because he has a 8 hour difference lmao

  14. Regulars – Took 10 minutes to guess a word
    Also them – "So we decided that wordle wasn't intense enough"

  15. wow i cant beliieve henwy trash talking

  16. That "I Can't Belive It's Not Butter" was so random

  17. Me and my parents play wordle and one of the words that were right was the word one time lol

  18. for this wordle, i had just found out that other is a good starter word and got it on my first try.

  19. Sigils explains quirtal and buffed already on 4 lol

  20. i couldn't find the quintessential one…..booo

  21. I literally searched it up and started playing it. I got trove in 3 guesses. Love the channel and your guys channels individually.

  22. Nerdle is wordle but you have to make math equations

  23. You guys should try different logic puzzles sometime

  24. Your YouTube channel is the best!!!😀😊😊😊😄

  25. I always see Henwy using the letter x in his words

  26. Does Biffle have 2 camera's,cus he keeps look at the 🧱. Someone comment pls. Why???

  27. The fact they don’t now the trick Glent brick etc

  28. Nico be like "I was just thinking filler In my head"
    Me be like "Same!"

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