Tom Brady Retires, The New York Times Buys Wordle, and Brawl at Golden Corral | The Daily Show -

Tom Brady Retires, The New York Times Buys Wordle, and Brawl at Golden Corral | The Daily Show

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The most decorated NFL player Tom Brady retires after 22 seasons, The New York Times purchases Wordle for over a $1 million, and a brawl at Golden Corral goes viral. #DailyShow

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  1. Give it up for poker-face Roy, people ❗😂😂

  2. I have a great 💡 idea. You guys should put little clips of the show up on tic toc bc Trevor is so animated and funny that it would be so fun to mime re act some of his lines

  3. Cheers to the Entitlement generation! 🍻🔪☠🙄

  4. Worlde is a rip-off of the 50+ year old game Master Mind. Not "one guy made it", but "one guy stole it"

  5. He refers to something outside of himself in reference to America..

    Trevor, do you know where you are?

  6. at the end you get to see why a majority of Trevor's comedy isn't funny, he doesn't study other great comedians. One of Roy's best bits is about how Golden Corral saved his life & Trevor gave him nothing to work with throughout the entire exchange.

  7. In Brazil Tom Brady is famous as Gisele Bundchen's husband, and I think that is beatifull

  8. What kind of a completely idiotic question is this? How can someone commit to making something free for perpetuity? No one can do that!

  9. I don't like how Roy always feels the need
    to sound like the stereotype of an African-American idiot.
    “Yo dawg I donno nunna dem bigass words.”
    Roy's a smart guy. He'd be so much funnier if he wasn't tying himself to this particular dumb act. He's wasting himself.

  10. A million dollars is a steal. He should have sold it for five.

  11. Was it the guy in the orange shirt saying all he wanted was some steak?

  12. If wordl really sold for a million dollars, the dude got ripped off. He could have negotiated for at least 10 million.

  13. So in other words they'll wait until they think they can get away with it and then introduce advertising into Wordle.

    And then later they'll offer a "premium subscription" that lets you play without the ads that they just put in.

    They'll create a problem and then sell you the solution -_-

  14. Nobody watched American football in my country at all i hav no idea of the game but everyone knows the legenf tom brady

  15. There are several variations of Wordle I can download right now for android. Which is the version everyone is playing. Can someone send me a link pls.

  16. Me at 25: “Ah ah, my back I think I slept too long.” 😂😅

  17. The fight Is the most modern American thing ever. So depressing 😐😂

  18. Brady's gonna run for something. Maybe Governor of Massachusetts or Florida, unfortunately as a Republican.

  19. Wow I used to eat at the Tallahassee Golden corral back in college.

  20. Roy did a stand up routine about his time at Golden Corral and it's great. Look up the vid it's on YouTube.

  21. "America, America, this is you." Yep, battle at the Golden Corral over a steak shortage?! Ain't Americans attractive?!

  22. Roy was so entertaining in this. The way he demonstrated how safe the knives were, like he's an expert witness testifying in court

  23. Can you imagine being thew kids of tom and gisele, 2 retired parents at home….with all the time of the world to be on your business

  24. RWJ killed me with that "1999 to 2001..I been in dem trenches baby" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Professional Golden Corral employee speaking! This is why we love Roy

  26. I'm sorry but isn't football a team sport? How can this guy and not his team "win" the SuperBowl? That's the problem with the US cult of personality. He could be the best quarterback but saying he won the games like the rest of the team didn't matter sheesh

  27. I've never really played Wordle before but I kind of agree with Roy they're probably going to make it unnecessarily complicated no thank you


  29. But yeah that's just crazy though that the riot happened over a steak shortage. Why does this give me flashbacks from the Popeyes sandwich fight a couple years ago or was that three years ago I've lost track of time. Trevor said it best America America this is you. Took the words right out of my mouth only in America

  30. Oh yeah I heard about Tom Brady's retirement could explain why all of a sudden Matthew Stafford is coming up now in the zeitgeist

  31. I see Trevor has never watch, this is not happening

    Also missed the opportunity to say, "Raise the steaks"

  32. Americans: Tom Brady is retiring from "foot"ball.
    The rest of World the entire univers and the 8 demision: Who is that ?????????
    And why is called football when u play with your hands????? Is not like i Call my bicycle a car because it has wheels..

  33. Wordle will not be free anymore. So 😥 and pitiful. I will not be playing 😒 😤. Roy is hilarious. Trevor, you are a hot mess.

  34. Tom Brady – 🙏🏽 ; Wordle & New York Post 🤔 Sounds Familiar . . . Man was hungry & wanted some stake condemn the behaviour publicly . . .

  35. The steak fight –
    for sure not one Trumpist 😂🤪🤣

  36. Is the black guy mocking all the people who lose their mind everytime they see a MAGA hat?

  37. I feel Roy on the NYT wordle intellectual inflation fears. Spot on

  38. That wordle game is a total rip-off of "lingo", the old TV-show.

  39. I dunno if Wordle only has dumb words, wrung seems pretty out there (unless you lucked out trying wrong).

  40. "I've got 20 yrs of laundry piling up"🤣🤣

    His wife is very unmurdered🤣

  41. Roy Wood Jr's special about his work at Golden Coral is one of THE BEST things I have ever seen in my life! I watch it at least once a week. "I Got them chickens!!" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  42. This is just that one boondocks episode when they ran out of chicken 🤣🤣

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