Toast is a WORDLE GOD and PLAYS with CHAT! -

Toast is a WORDLE GOD and PLAYS with CHAT!

Toast POG
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  1. Lol I love you toast! You are a legend in my eyes. Whether chat was cheating or not your amazing

  2. Thick

    This leaves you with J, Q, Z, X. Enough for you at least cover the alphabet. You just have to think about repeating letters

  3. Jumpy frogs clink death. This is my strategy.

  4. I died at waqfs but waqfs is a word on the actual wordle

  5. Funniest game so far.. After among us of course

  6. Me and also everyone in chat "wtf is a junta"

  7. So the strats work pretty well, the only thing that doesn't work well that time is his brain lmao.

  8. starting word… adieu… covers most vowels in one shot.

  9. Can't someone just use the most minimum words to find all the vowels present in the prompt?

  10. Honestly if my grandnana played this she would destroy you guys easily
    All the games she play are these type of games I swear…

  11. You can tell chat was cheating cause right when toast loses, people start dropping like flies cause they can’t copy him😅

  12. Gah that thumbnail hurts, using the 2 unconfirmed letters in the second word.

  13. PORKY MUNCH WILTS BADGE 20 unique letters all vowels and Y covered leaves only (FJQVXZ) 6 of the least used letters

  14. NYMPH, WALTZ, FJORD, XENIC, QUAGS, would be a good combo since you would be left with 3 letters (B, K, and V)

  15. does he say china cause he considers taiwan the real china or because he considers taiwan a part of PRC?

  16. The four word combo I always use is tubes fling champ and wordy

  17. noone:
    Yahya_4j: WhAt iS tHe NaMe CaLlEd?

  18. I wonder if squabble accepts the following words:

    fudgy, jambs, phlox, wreck, qvint.

    This only leaves an unused z

  19. The moment toast brought up squabble, I knew it would somehow end up with him malding like lud HHAHAHWHAHAHA

  20. The entire time, the chat is confused about some of the words. XD
    So was I.

  21. He could have just used 2 devices. No cheating. One that just dies off, the other is the one he is using.

  22. The fact that a majority of his dumbass chat went the whole 100 minutes typin words when they knew he wasnt readin amazes me

  23. English isn't my first language either 😅

  24. lmao, I watched the whole video. It's so great 😄

  25. I was screaming at you “it’s route”

    comes in 26th place

  27. U shuld try
    and haven

  28. It's funny watching everyone's boards clear as soon as he says answer

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