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  1. how can he do videos and be on a yacht with ninja at the same time 👀

  2. The reason people keep saying you're cheating is cause this game does not prove anyone is smart, there are more spaces than letters in the alphabet you have to be very slow to not get it eventually

  3. Dude went from "is it lasey" to "lapse". He definately cheated lol

  4. Lmao TIM. Stop giving away the outcome of these in either your title, and/or intro. That takes away so much from the video.

  5. Watching him making up words is so frustrating

  6. he said he cant see the chat and proceeds to read it after without adjusting anything cause his hands were down.. L cap

  7. wordle is stupid, it showed on SEALS that S wasn't in the word at all but that day's word had an S in it make it make sense

  8. As of today I'm 17 of 17 😎 I start my wordles with Miaou and Crypt and haven't got stumped.

  9. Man you already lost a while ago with that IQ

  10. Tim has a DUMPTRUCK no cap on gawd on gawd respectfully

  11. Tim to the doctor when he was born:
    Mornin' evening alternden this Was a banger today

  12. He couldn’t spell lazy and then pulls lapse completely out of his ass, not buying it

  13. I don't normally say Tim's cheating, but this one was a little sus. I'm not even sure he can spell the word lapse.

  14. Tim's the hacker that tries to keep his hacks on the down low and pretend he's not hacking. You've become what you most despise. 😂


    The reason people keep saying you're cheating is cause this game does not prove anyone is smart, there are more spaces than letters in the alphabet you have to be very slow to not get it eventually

  16. he said he won wordle for 14 days straight but he hasnt played for 14 days straight if he takes off weekend so shouldnt it be a new streak?

  17. I did the timthetatman strat yesterday where I put in random letters and see if they’re words. Felt pretty stupid doing it ngl.

  18. maybe a lot of us cant get Laspe but you know what we can do? pronounce MOIST correctly lol. I wish there was like a advanced version of Wordle. Ya know like one where the word is like a SAT length kind of word just to see if Tim brain really had "developed".

  19. Just as a suggestion don't put the outcome of the wordle in the title. It's not as exciting

  20. Wordle low key easy if you use a couple words that cover most of the alphabet

  21. 𝕾𝖜𝖆𝖌𝖌𝖞.𝕽𝖎𝖔 says:

    You should use ARISE ever since I started using it I have been getting more wordles faster

  22. No shot.. Tim doesn't even know what that word means let alone how to spell it.. Alexis definitely gave him the answer this time

  23. types out "Lasey" and whispers to himself "is that how you spell lazy" …..LMFAOOO wtf. Then gets the word right.. Cheats

  24. No shot this man asked if lazy is spelled L-A-S-E-Y then guesses lapse out of nowhere lol.

  25. Tim losing wordle would be comedy but I need him to keep this streak going for ocd purposes

  26. It's not a win streak if you don't play on the weekends.

  27. Bro if the word gets spoiled he has a fake win streak thats why we see it as a high streak lmaoo

  28. TimTheTatman, creating new words since 2022.

  29. We need a camera when he wakes up, following him, and looking at his montiors cause the acting is getting lazy Tim.

  30. Yo use a POV cam next wordle game. 🤣 Don't think your cheating just think it would be cool lol.

  31. Tim in my opinion you should say did I continue my winstreak instead of saying I all ready won and basically spoiling the video

  32. At LEAST you're a little better with words than math. Nice guess Tim. Clap.

  33. These streams would be greatly improved if there was a way to automatically delete any moron’s message that puts the answer in the chat…

  34. Tim, ban the people in the chat who say the answer, so I can play along with you. Thanks.

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