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  1. Chat spamming the answers. I bet they're really fun and have lots of friends.

  2. I love reading the chat and how bad some of their guesses are

  3. Amazing job Tim, I would have failed I think. You have this game on lock

  4. Ayoooo gotta catch up Timmy I’m at 35 straight

  5. I got this one third try but only because I know Greek Mythology lol

  6. I figured he would get it but I put a comment in another video saying he wouldn’t get it under 20 minutes

  7. the hardest/rarest words are the easiest to get in wordle because you have unlimited guesses once you eliminate all the other letters lol

  8. tim should play on hard mode, makes a little harder when you can't guess words just for information

  9. Tim you got to try worldle. It’s wordle for geography.

  10. Why do them little billy bob kids in the chat spam the answer? Like what? Shut up. Lol gg Tim that was awesome.

  11. The typing in random letters and him thinking they’re actually words is hilarious

  12. i like timmy but its obvious he already knew the word

  13. I’ll never believe he isn’t cheating until he can break his record on random rather than daily. You can find hints and the answers on the daily wordle but not on the random

  14. Stop acting like you do it you literally get at least 1 or 2 hints every word you can’t do it by yourself 😭

  15. Great work but it takes you five – six tries every time😂

  16. Nice Fortnite Save The World thumbnail picture

  17. Hes clearly cheating, hes a terrible actor. You can see him trying not to smile throughout the video, get exposed Tim

  18. and the Oscar for worst acting goes to TIM THE TAT MAN

  19. I wonder if he guessed the one from today! I lost my streak again lol

  20. How is nobody bewildered that Wynns is a word

  21. I said it last vid but I'll say it again I ran a 6minute 38 second mile

  22. Bet Tim doesn’t even know what a nymph is. I mean I didn’t either but still

  23. Hey Tim or anyone got any tips on streaming YouTube I just started and want some help

  24. People saying he's cheating are getting really old and tiresome. Just enjoy the free content instead of looking to poke holes in it

  25. Should have a wordle tournament for Money💰with Tim in it to see how good he does

  26. did he to Wordle 280 yet? that word broke a lot of people's streaks

  27. This is an actually L Tim
    I’ve had your back but if you couldn’t get the word 3rd or 4th try… that’s an L
    Soooo much info!!!!

  28. This one took me i think all 6 tries, was actually difficult

  29. why did people say this is the hard one? once all the vowels are out it can only be a very select few words
    I basically guessed nymph the second he eliminated the vowels

  30. The fact that you think your vids are still “bangers”.. needs to change. KEVINN

  31. Dude acts like it’s so easy but spent 10 mins trying “words” like bycmn 😂

  32. The thing about wordles is that chat is saying a word probably bc they looked up what the answer is but I bet you they would also have a tough time trying to guess Nymph as the answer.

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