This Wordle solve is WAY too long for a short... -

This Wordle solve is WAY too long for a short…

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #280 for Saturday, March 26th.

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  1. Next time start with paste then mound, I do this like every time. They have good letters

  2. You should do Glent, Brick, Jumpy, Waqfs, vozhd then guess it

  3. Start with “stare” And then “pound”

  4. I think point would be a good starting word. That’s what I used to use.

  5. 5 today for me, I genuinely had not heard of that word until now. You learn something new everyday!

  6. Start With "Brick" then "Glent" then "Jumpy" then "Vozhd" and "Waqfs"

  7. "EMPTY" is always my starting word so I was able to get it on the second try. No better accomplishment lol

  8. My first word was "STALE" giving me the Yellow E. Then for some reason, my first word I thought of with an E and no other reused letters was "REDUX" giving me the yellow X…

    On Hard mode…

    I don't know a lot of words with Xs in them… and the right word is one I've never heard of

  9. Epoxy came to mind quick for me only because I was doing a practice quordle the other day and epoxy was one of the words

  10. I’m 10 years old and I almost got it. I guessed
    I was pretty close!

  11. I didn’t get this one. It was so difficult for me.

  12. I got it accidentally the same way using x as a filter

  13. HA I also did epoch not even knowing what it was then I looked at it for a couple minutes and just thought of it out of the blue

  14. For your next one try using "audio" it gets rid of 4 vowels. You're welcome.

  15. I don’t play wordless that often but that one took me forever. I got it in 4 guesses by guessing Ebony then just guessing epoxy randomly without knowing what it meant

  16. I did this:
    e n t e r
    e a g l e
    e a t h e
    e x i l e
    e p o x y
    it's a bad solution but ok

  17. I got it in two don’t ask me how( i DID NOT cheat) but I went from
    Don’t ask, I use word scramble which helps(which I don’t consider cheating) but yea

  18. did the same thing as you, used the x as a place holder and realised it was a word.

  19. I got it in 3. For whatever reason I decided to start with CRAWL which got me nowhere. Then I did STONE which gave me the O in the right spot and the e yellow at the end. I figured the E could only be at the beginning but for whatever reason guessed EPOXY and even said “this is such a bad guess but I’m feeling wild” and was shocked when that was the word

  20. Hardest wordle I've solved so far. Took 5 tries and I literally didn't know this word existed

  21. Got it in 3, but only because I started with PARSE and then WIPED. Sat there for a good 7 or 8 minutes trying to think of anything at all that could work with the E and the P in the open positions, and then epoxy finally clicked.

  22. The same thing happened to me trying to visualize the answer with the 'X' as a "filler" letter. I am not sure I would have gotten the correct answer if the X was not the actual letter in the fourth spot! LOL !!!!

  23. Same ! I got it on the fifth try when I put x as the filler letter but suddenly realised it could be epoxy !

  24. i was so surprised i got the word because i’m not very good at wordle but i got four of the letters and somehow it came to mind haha

  25. For tomorrow you should start with “nymph” lol

  26. i cant wait for him to upload todays wordle loll

  27. I was showing my coworker wordle, and he guessed the word when I told him the first 3 letters.

  28. There is no way he randomly guessed epoch…. And gets the first three letters……..

  29. I'm not a native speaker and I still get it right. I'm so proud of myself

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