This Wordle is EVIL! | Evil Wordle #wordle #puzzle -

This Wordle is EVIL! | Evil Wordle #wordle #puzzle

Solver Tom
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  1. no comments? rip, evil wurdle is pretty cool

  2. wow 2 comments, evil wurdle pretty cool

  3. Why is nobody commenting on this, I thought it was pretty cool.

  4. Wow I'm early 😅 great job that one was pretty hard

  5. it’s actually insanely smart to “test” as many letters as possible even if you have to not use the green ones you know

  6. Bro i really thought it was nukes for a hot minute😂

  7. woah i never seen this before a famous youtuber has only 9 comments

  8. All the comments either from 5 months ago when this was released, 1 month ago saying it's sad that it got no comments, or from 5 hours ago, 4 hours ago and ONE MINUTE AGO saying the video should've gone viral

  9. glad to see this video's doing well! 100k soon 😀

  10. Me hollering, shrieking, and screaming jukes for the 5th try at my phone

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