They Made a WORDLE Battle Royale and it's insane. -

They Made a WORDLE Battle Royale and it’s insane.

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  1. Screaming "Chief" at my screen when I'm a Raiders fan got my dad thinking I'm gay

  2. Wordle with Battle royale system looks annoying AF, maybe rank system would be better

  3. 13:10 @Ludwig VODs I would guess that word was 'villa' 🙂

    Edit: new guess is ‘vista’ didn’t see the s

  4. Oh damn I had the same problem tonight and I thought my internet was on the fritz; glad to know their servers were just funky!

  5. That's odd. My comment criticizing crypto has been deleted ….

  6. The word you were trying to get around 15:0016:00 was probably Rayon. The R had to be in the first spot because it didn’t fit in the final three. With the A and Y that you got, R A Y was most likely Rayon with the O and N not touched on the board.

  7. Vista/Sigma and Rayon… What is this word selection Otto?

  8. Dude nfts are dope! There is utility behind some just have to find the right ones! Crypto is so fun lud

  9. ngl anytime you talk bad about nft's even if its joking it kinda makes me wanna click off lol .. if you don't really love it stop talking about it lud ..

  10. Good thing to see Lud using his English degree

  11. yo a philharmonic orchestra would be amazing. Ludwig OST incoming. How tf lud gonna work with a classically trained composer LMFAO

  12. Imagine doesn't know lance, english major difference baby

  13. NFTs feels just like alienation for the 21st century. Maybe I'm just being a boomer but it all just feels so void of anything outside of flaunting capital and re-entrenching status. There's no real humanity in it.

  14. About the NFT thing – The traditional sense of NFTs right now is literally selling a picture, like 97% of all NFTs right now are some spinoff of that. But I think there is some underlying technology about the “blockchain” that will enable new things that we couldn’t do before, and is actually valuable. Right now all of those things are considered under a broader “NFT” umbrella which is generally negative, but eventually they will break from that. I would never buy a JPEG for 250k (I don’t even have a crypto wallet or whatever), but i try not to let that impact my impression of some innovative tech that is emerging in the space. If that makes sense?

  15. @Ludwig pretty crazy how much people like super auto pets. Myself included. but its odd how much attention it gets

  16. anybody else getting glitchy rounds? where it says i got certain letter right but then at the last word it switches around and messes you up

  17. I think coinbase is one of the better sponsors. Keep up the great vids man

  18. Love this format I get the feel of a small viewership stream with luds personality loving this and mogul mail great job Ludwigo o7

  19. I won the game by guessing Rayon so I’m a goat

  20. If your trying to figure out what the word is click "watch replay" it will give you more hints to watch the other players

  21. Super squabble voooooooods!!!!!!! Thanks lud!!!

  22. 7:15 word is probably D E C A Y… Like my braincells without SAP content 😭

    Jk this looks like a fun game tho

  23. No one has said it it looks like so I'll say it… ENGLISH MAJOR

  24. SAP being down was a bummer but honestly great because I’m glad it’s so popular, can’t wait for another animal pack

  25. still comfy so I’ll take it
    also adieu users are a red flag


  27. is superliminal or any similar singleplayer type games grounds for content on this channel?

    id love to watch

  28. for the one with the y in the middle i think it could have been mayor.

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