They accused me of having "Wordle aim" in Overwatch 2 -

They accused me of having “Wordle aim” in Overwatch 2

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  2. Bruh even I can hit more then that and I play controller with no aim assist 😂

  3. "I gotta dif this guy real quick"
    gets diffed

  4. Insults like that are my absolute favourite they’re actually hilarious like so out of nowhere so random a little unrelated, too good.

  5. Thats why i stay still for a few seconds so my healer can heal 😇

  6. I have never heard the term "wordle aim" before in my life. But boy if that isn't the most wordle aim I've ever seen I don't know what is.

  7. My real question is why flats used window to heal up one person on his team when no team fight was going on

  8. Playing Bap is like playing Ana. YOU HAVE TO FUCKING AIM! it's not like Mercy or Zen where you just look at someone

  9. Well if you can aim baps healing is unmatched
    I had 13k healing yesterday as bap one game
    To be fair is was king of the hill that went to round 3

  10. Yo as a Mr.Fruit fan seeing Reuben here randomly threw me off guard

  11. If flats is usually a top 500 tank what are his DPS and Support ranks?

  12. I like how if a silver player plays like that he deserves his rank but if a high rank does it its fine

  13. Flats: Hold on I gotta Diff this Guy Real Quick
    Gets Diffed himself

  14. "I don't think wordle requires a whole lot of aim."
    Yeah, that's the point. Congrats, you get the joke. Jesus Christ, lobby full of dumbasses lmao

  15. Flats is by far worst OW streamer. Can’t change my mind

  16. ohh because you have to try wordle a lot of times before getting it

  17. the most hilarious thing is that it were 6 shots before actually hitting the heal, just like Wordle, is that what he meant? lol

  18. Flats is consistently my least favorite overwatch streamer. Hes just not good at the game and tries to give tips and tricks even though he was carried to top 500 by actual pros. Imagine playing like a diamond player in top 500 lobbies and trying to flex that youre good. SMH

  19. Gotta different this guy real quick lol priceless

  20. Wordle aim' might be the best insult i've heard in a while

  21. its easier to hit sleep darts than it is to direct hit teammates as bap lol

  22. as a bap main this video is so relatable🤣☠️

  23. “I gotta diff this guy real quick”

    Gets diffed

    Story of my life

  24. Dw ive been there flats. Only difference is that i actually suck and cant aim all the time

  25. Wordle: you just guess and sometimes get lucky

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