The Wordle Secret Nobody is Talking About -

The Wordle Secret Nobody is Talking About

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Everyone is playing Wordle, so today I talk about a secret I found that has solved Wordle. No more failures. Only 2/6… or even better.


  1. ayyyy he found that trick

    Edit: i have left a five star rating great video

  2. When's Part 2? Can't wait for the next cooking video!

  3. I used to hear people talk about you at school. You were super well known, but now you’re not nearly as well known but you still make these videos. It’s hilarious and awesome how the energy and effort remains the same 🙂

  4. Hello again, I've been your fan since 2018! Loved your Minecraft videos. NGL i was pretty annoying back then

  5. Finally a video from Pink Sheep, but not a single video from Purple Shep. What the heck is going on?!

  6. Wtf, you and another guy who hasn’t posted in forever, just posted within 10 minutes of each other.

  7. Even though pink sheep only uploads once a decade it’s always a treat

  8. this is 10billion iq thank you for grassing us with this knowledge oh great MLG sheep

  9. Pink sheep’s gaming 10 min videos: 📈📈📈
    pink sheep’s short videos:📉📉📉

  10. Pink Sheep is the best. its really upsetting that his channel died

  11. I Haven't Seen That Game But Can You Play Poppy Playtime

  12. Question: It's been a long time.
    This question is not about you.
    This question is about Crystal Sheep.
    Ever since TNT took a break from YouTube we have never heard anything about Crystal Sheep.
    How is she, where is she, and why does my skin Sting when I trim my mustache?

  13. The kingster prankster is here!!!! Stay strong sheep!

  14. Only true prankster gangster gang will see this video


  16. So sad your views are low i wish it was like the good old days when the skits where still when purple shep was active when exploding tnt uploaded alot

  17. I can understand, sometimes you've been uploading content for so many years that you can get tired and deserve a break. Coming back after so long can be even more difficult than when you started.

  18. HE IS BACK always great to see you still making videos hope to see more in the future
    here some ideas,
    finish Minecraft story mode
    judge builds
    Minecraft mini games
    Roblox games

  19. Everyone : oh, I thought you were dead

    Pink sheep : my death was… Greatly exaturated

  20. This video helped me with my wordle today haha

  21. I still remember when I thought this was a real person talking 😉

  22. When will you start your minecraft playing videos again? I really miss them

  23. Oh pink sheep now you made a video after 100 days

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