The Wordle Practice Game That’s Better Than Wordle -

The Wordle Practice Game That’s Better Than Wordle

Dharmesh Shah
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People ask me all the time, “How is WordPlay different than Wordle?”

There are 10 main differences — 1 way it’s worse than Wordle, and 9 ways it’s better.

Which game do you prefer?


  1. Can I get the prince 🤴 to the first

  2. Ii have been playing your game for many months. At first, it worked just fine to solve a puzzle and reduce the number of puzzles to solve to move up to the next level (10 in total). However, for the past few weeks, that number of how many more puzzles to solve to move up to the next level does NOT change. I have to solve many puzzles to have the thing change even one number. Has this happened to anyone else? What is going wrong. I have played the game almost 1,000 times, but get frustrated when the number left does not change. I have been stuck on level 61 for many days. What does anyone have to say? thank you

  3. Wordplay annoyingly bumps up the "losses" count, even when I don't lose a game. I haven't figured out why, but it definitely does. My WIN STREAK continues to rise, but every once in a while my "lost" count rises inexplicably. I suspect the game doesn't want my 98% Win Ratio to rise to 99%. Not cool.

  4. Do you feel yourself getting hungry yet? I’d buy lunch AND a coffee! Nothing separating you and me except air and opportunity!

  5. I only clicked this to give my opinion, this is the worst type of ad out there. A useless 3 minute video about an app? Terrible, saying "my product is worse in one way" and then proceeding that by saying something that's not bad? Laughable and dumb.

    Gl tho. Maybe you can funnel some people in there to trick them into buying microtransactions. Not me tho

  6. This is such a great ad for the game, and it is a great game aswell

  7. I love this game thanks so much for sharing it. Been playing for months.

  8. Thank you so much for giving the world your wonderful Word Play, which I play an hour every day!

  9. I just discovered wordplay yesterday – it's great, thanks. I don't get what you said about Wordplay being worse, this comment in your video came across as Wordle being worse, which it is, because it's only available once per day. Keep up the great work!

  10. There is yet another difference in Wordplay vs. Wordle and it’s probably my favorite of all. If you mistype your guess or only want to change one letter, you can simply
    tap on that letter(s) and change it. With Wordle you have to erase up to and including the letter(s) you want to change!! Probably my favorite difference.

  11. Greatly appreciate having access to Wordplay

  12. Just saw you on the MFM podcast. I think you should totally monetize this.

  13. Suggestion: I like to start with a random word and wish there was a button that could do that for me. The same button could be used to choose randomly from the remaining words that haven't been eliminated by previous guesses to make the next guess. You could use it when you're really stumped or use it repeatedly to make WordPlay sort of play itself. It might be fun to watch but I have no idea how to score it.
    I love both the 5 and 6 letter versions! Thanks!

  14. um… off-topic I know… but I think you mentioned "my wife Kirsten" way too much!! what's going on here?! 😀

  15. So happy to have found this game. Though I type all day in the medical field, I still cannot wait for the end of my working day to play this game. Thanks for NOT being full of ads. Do you accept small donations to help keep this ad-free? Can't give much, but perhaps it can help your charities.

  16. I love Wordplay and play about 10+ games most days. I just passed 800 games and an icon pops up saying I am now on level 1. My win ratio is 99%, average score 61.22 and average # of turns 4.07. How does that translate to Level 1?

  17. Thank you for giving us such opportunity . You and your wife are kind souls.

  18. Thank you so much, you are such a nice guy and your game is awesome! I play it all the time!

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  21. Why aren't you putting ads on the website?

  22. Please explain the stats page. ie. what is the significance of "game level". Why doesn't my "win" percentage change nws the number of games I play?

  23. $5000 a month?? What is the basis for that cost? Is it your labor time?

  24. Hello. I am a Wordplay addict, but can’t get it to work on my ancient iPad Air…. something about the way JavaScript loads keeps throwing a client side error. Can you look at this? I’m not a programmer so haven’t a clue if this is one of those “too hard to do” things. Thanks,

  25. The stats record have started tabulating the wins/losses incorrectly for me. It’s showing me more losses than I actually have. Is this a malfunction? I can add the wins from the bar graph and it adds up to a lot more than shows on the pie chart.

  26. Dharmesh,I don't know how often you check the comments on this video but it's the only place where I can try to reach you.I play on your Wordplay site almost every day and enjoy it immensely.I wanted to bring to your attention a glitch which has been occurring lately which you might not be aware of.On the daily word game,the daily words are appearing in alphabetical order.The last 6 answers have been "acrid","actor","acute","adage","adapt" and "adept.I would appreciate it if you could check your site out and correct this error..I hope you get this message.If you do,please give me a quick reply to let me know you saw it.Thank you.

  27. I love WordPlay but the stats are all glitching. My win ratio is off, and my average score has been the same for forever, even though I know I've done better. Also, every word seems to be reported as a "Level None" word. I have emailed you twice but received no response. ????

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