The Wordle Incident -

The Wordle Incident

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Playing Overwatch while in queue for Wordle


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Intro & Outro songs are from the Catherine OST:
Thus Spoke Brooks & Lost


  1. He made me question myself if cynic was the correct spelling or not.

  2. I failed my English GCSE's the first time. Passed the second time. After seeing this, I'm proud that I'm not this guy.

    Good vids as always

  3. Cynical streamer gives up hope after not being able to solve a wordle

  4. I honestly believe super it's not even faking it xd

  5. Figured out it was cynic at like 7 minutes in and it got even more funny that he couldn’t figure it out

  6. wow, proof that super is 12. such intelligence. i was screaming "cynic" within the first minute

  7. Wordle is the easiest fucking game ever I actually have trouble believing someone would be jealous of someone getting the right word.

  8. Man spelt Cynic and then later on said Cynic when spelling 'Cynik'

  9. it seems to me hes been hacking in wordle on stream

  10. Tfw current state of overwatch is so bad that it's background for chat about a word game from one of its biggest streamers

  11. Him playing rein on kings row actually gave me nightmares, if i had a rein playing like that I'd wanna throw immediately

  12. Matthew “conyo” Delisi really had a tough time with that one

  13. I think we’ll have to update the super iceberg with C Y N I C

  14. this video gave me anxiety i cannot imagine the feeling of watching it live

  15. I’m sorry but how is he cheating
    That’s how you do the damn game lmaooo

  16. I thought this was going to be the wordle on the day with a waaaay easier word that you could not guess

  17. If your math is good, play "Numberdle".

  18. I was screaming cynic the entire time after he got the second row. super is an amazing lad

  19. What's funny is conyo is a slang in a different langguage

  20. you know overwatch is in a good state when it’s the background game in a wordle video 👍

  21. Even with chat closed he still interacts more with chat than the average overwatch streamer

  22. nobody else gonna comment on the 3 minute intro? LUL

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