The suggestion that 46 people built! #Wordle -

The suggestion that 46 people built! #Wordle

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(Spoilers 338) For fun, I start with the previous two day’s words and use a viewer suggestion for my 3rd!

Play Wordle here:

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  1. I think flung would be a great third word because you get rid of possibility of ending in ng

  2. Could u start with kitty, lives, and heart for my cat that just passed but will continue to live on in my heart? ❤️

  3. Praus would be great for tomorrow. It has common letters and the other 2 vowels.

  4. STACK could be a possible fit.

  5. Use truck because it get you a vowel and some common letters

  6. had a really good wordle today, started with anime since I saw a lot of people getting good results from it and immediately got 3 letters.

    i knew it couldn't end in "ine" since the I in the 3rd position was yellow, so I tried XinXe next. i narrowed it down to 'binge' and 'hinge', and decided to go with hinge since I thought that if it wasn't the answer, the letter 'h' would be more common than a 'b', but it was the answer and I got it in 2!

  7. I love the content. Just started watching last week so im a little late but your a great youtuber keep up the good work

  8. I always use CHAOS or CHASM as a starting word maybe you could try one of those

  9. Splat gives all new really good letters <3

  10. STALK would be good. Also love the content it's short and sweet.

  11. I agree with the truckers, start with truck

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