The stream ends when I fail a Wordle -

The stream ends when I fail a Wordle

Scott Stro-solves
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Playing Infinidle until I lose (or have to pick my kids up from school)

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  1. Alternate title: Scott Stro-Solves his own challenge

  2. infinidle is kinda like hurdle hurdle is you get the word 4 times in a row every time u get it that word is the first for the next one and on the 5th and final one u only have 2 guesses because they first 4 guesses are the first 4 words

  3. Scott please do the weekly squardle. What An interesting idea! Used the five word start and got it without wasting any more guesses.

  4. You have found a great niche, idk why your videos are entertaining but they are lol.

  5. I thought this was going to be an infinite stream

  6. That was a fun stream! I loved that setup tour, looks super cool

  7. Try enabling chat replay next time

  8. hi I'm sorry I missed the stream i was in school

  9. Sorry I missed it, but I had school… please do this again sometimes

  10. Your streak was insane
    your so smart god job!

  11. if was streaming until i failed it would end in 2 minutes lmfao

  12. Noooo!! I would’ve watched this stream if I weren’t in school!

  13. i was in school.. can u stream at five next time? it would fit into my schedule 🙂

  14. This was such a fun stream! Since I loved the stream I subscribed 😄

  15. when you end the stream because it went on too long

  16. Surprising how you got a thousand people watching during stream on a weekday 😮nice

  17. I thought this would be the longest stream ever lol

  18. Today wordle word became my symble starting word today

  19. Please do this again! It was fun joining in a day where I didn't have class at all.

  20. You're so good you beat your own challenge 😂

  21. I missed it bc I was at school 🙁

  22. Scott knows puzzles so well that this stream was literally 2 hours!! 😱

  23. There is a setting to make everyone and all newcomers stay on the live and not follow behind the livestream. I know a few youtubers that do it that way.

  24. would love to watch you stream again sometime

  25. The guy is so talented that he even after 2 hrs didn't get one wrong and had to end the stream only because of work

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