The NO VOWEL wordle experience -

The NO VOWEL wordle experience

Scott Stro-solves
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Solving #Wordle #322 for Saturday, May 7th.

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  1. my starters are “lover,” “aught,” and “minds”

    you can imagine how i did after minds

  2. You should use “ADIEU” and “MYTHS” it helps me EVERY time I never lose

  3. i challenge you to do this word quadruplet:

  4. Oops I started watching this withoiut doing the wordle today yet, so I guess I have to do the your starting words lmao

    EDIT: I managed to get it on the LAST guess woot!

    I was stuck with only I as my vowel and I was so caught up thinking it had to end up with –IST, but I couldn't think of any words with the letters I have. Then I thought Is there any consonant that could go before ST , and sure enough I found the ONLY word that could work.


  6. My hope is nonexistent, but I guess this marks week 2 of begging you to start with SMART and HOUND. Please do it for my dog

  7. Can you please start with "Later" and "Scowl" its what I normally do

  8. I got the wordle in 2 i was really lucky

  9. Phpht is an expression if you are wondering it is one of the only primary British words in wordle

    By primary I mean it is NOT American

  10. You should start with paste taste waste and then in two days do moles whole holes and if you want you can do poles or doles

  11. day 2 of asking scott to start with QAJAQ and PZAZZ

  12. Hey Scott, you should start with sunny, rocky, honey and donut

  13. You should try out BRICK, JUMPY, GLENT, WAQFS, and VOZHD. 25 unique letters for octordle quordle or anything

  14. You should start with "MICRO-WAVED-PIZZA"

  15. I got in my third try by complete luck
    I used ‘brave’ ‘moist’ then I got the answer

  16. How can you have a current streak of 14, Max streak of 15, with a 100% win rate?

  17. This is the first Wordle I’ve ever gotten in 2 tries:

    AUDIO = ⬛️⬛️🟩🟨⬛️
    MIDST = 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

    I will never forget this day

  18. I wouldn't have even considered this a loss if you failed. The issue wasn't the no-vowel start, it was the fact that you were forced to use the R four times and the P, H and T twice. Only 8 unique letters in your first 3 turns. That''s a stupid challenge.

  19. that one child stalking your youtube says:

    nice! I got it on my third or fourth try if you see my extremely short video-
    but please dont

  20. I started with "Moist", so it was a really hard one for me hahaha

  21. Kinda funny to get a 4 consonant word when doing a no vowel challenge, as close as the answer pool could get

  22. Use starting words: tubes fling champ wordy

  23. Go with Bagel, Donut then Chips if your hungry!

  24. Today’s octordle was pretty tough, I think you should give it a shot.

  25. Day 11 asking you to start with "rarer" then "mamma" then "daddy" good luck!

  26. i only got it because it was in the doutrigordle which i did first

  27. start with “mommy” for mother’s day

  28. It was actually pretty easy for me. I started with the usual adieu and stomp and got all 5 leters. Found it in 3 guesses

  29. “Maybe it’s not a vowel, maybe it’s a y”


  31. I started with DEALT and I keep thinking the word was consonant-vowel-D-vowel-T and I was stuck because I couldn’t think of a word

  32. I got it in three tries because I used my usual starting words

  33. Do a Wordle challenge where you do a five letter word randomiser than use those letters

  34. I got it in three: TRAIN, SPITE, MIDST. I played the duotrigordle before the wordle and midst was one of the words so it was pretty fresh in my head.

  35. Try using the words containing the most used letters in the alphabet. My openers are CLEAR, MOIST which use 9/10 most used alphabets in english.

  36. I suggest taking a look at today's Sexaginta-quattuordle. It was a bit tricky, and interesting.

  37. The only other words possible at the end were DIDST and FIEST.

  38. i think your starting words should be "peeps", "beeps" and "sheep"

  39. Scott, could you check out today's crosswordle? It was really tough.

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