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The Man Behind Wordle!

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Samsung Unpacked happened this week and have the phones in hand! Marques and Andrew go over the S22 and the S22 Ultra before having a chat with Josh Wardle. You may have heard of the viral game Wordle that he created but you might not know that he was also one of the minds behind a few popular April Fool’s day experiments at Reddit too. Whether you’re interested in the new phones or what went into the making of this viral hit, this episode is a good one.

00:00 Intro
00:52 New Waveform Mug
01:27 Samsung Galaxy S22
06:20 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
15:58 Indeed (Sponsored)
16:48 Interview with Josh Wardle
35:37 DraftKings (Sponsored)
36:58 Interview continued
46:53 Josh and Marques talk Ultimate Frisbee
50:15 A Race to Z with Josh Wardle
53:40 Outro

Samsung Galaxy S22 Impressions:
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Impressions:



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  1. "Ultimate Connected" You guys crack me up 😂😂😂

  2. For the s21 ultra review could you talk about the power hungry processor and how it relates to the battery life ? , because in the USA I believe its the snapdragon 8 gen 1

  3. One of my favorite mugs looks sorta like yours, its matte black outside with a glossy black audi logo and a red interior

  4. This was such a great episode. I loved the interview with Josh.

  5. Nice interview with Wardle. I didn't know I needed to hear from him.

  6. I got $600 for my Note 20 Ultra plus a $250 Samsung credit and got the 256gig S22 Ultra for the price of the 128gig and got 24 months no interest with Samsung credit. Love Samsung's preorder deals.

  7. I feel like Marques didn't want Josh to have another go at the typing test so he wouldn't beat Marques' time

  8. Marques was DIABOLICAL to not let Josh try again. He would have beat Marques on second try. 😈

  9. Never heard of "Common Knowledge" the show, I'm pretty sure they have a different meaning of common knowledge.

  10. Wait he should’ve taken a second and third try at the typing test lol he had the potential to be first

  11. I cannot find this app on the Apple app store

  12. I have to say, if the 3 people I know that play Ultimate, they are all just my favorite type of people to be around! So chill but knowledgeable and humble, and kind and funny too. Rock on!🤘🏼

  13. Maybe on a Friday, it would pull from the bigger list as a bonus.

  14. The first time I got a wordle with a double letter I was so mad. Because I didn't think I could do that until then.

  15. Man so many people unexpectedly play ultimate 😂

  16. oh no… I type the wordle grid… c'mon! Whyyy? I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT!

  17. Why can you not listen to this on Spotify or Apple Music ?

  18. Hey Josh Wardle…my husband's mother (Yorkshire) nee Wardle any relation? Also NYT has sabotaged your beautiful creation. Today's game, I typed the word SLAVE and the response was "Not on word list". I couldn't believe it so I tried it 3-times, same reject. This country is in so much denial, they are even editing words out of the dictionary. (I still got the word in 4 tries, but damn!)

  19. This reminds me of when people would do "unsolicited" surveys or social experiments on Facebook, way back when… not a big fan of these.

  20. this guy is living every software engineer's dream! sucks he's a duck tho (sco beavs)

  21. He should make an international user mode with more common guess words, I've played 5 times but all of the times the guess word was so uncommon…never heard of it.

  22. Man he was such a great interview. What a cool guy.

  23. High af andrew is my spirit animal 🦒 😁 💛

  24. i thought the filtering of words came from an already existing function or data from an online dictionary or something. makes it even more charming to know his partner manually helped him filter through all 13k words!

  25. I didn't get my first ever Wordle cus I didnt quite understand what I had to do so my streak percentage is (N-1)*100/N (N is the total number of games played) and I found out that Wordle rounds up the percentage. So I calculated how many days I need to play to get back to a 100%(or just reach 99.5%) and it's 200 days. So I'm gonna play until I get a 200 day streak and hopefully get a 100% again.

  26. I really enjoyed this interview!! You always come up with good questions Marques.

  27. Great listen with Josh. Sounds like a great dude! Also, got tried the Type the Alphabet test. 3.860!

  28. him saying that wordle is "quite easy" has me crying, pissing, shitting, and farting. i play wordle to feel like a megabrained genius, it is NOT easy im just GOOD and SMART.

  29. Hahaha I loved the alphabet test at the end. That was funny

  30. Don’t over think it, it’s idiot proof, kmsl! – Congratulations on your success ♥️🇨🇦🇺🇦🌏

  31. Weird if I use your link for Wordle I’m gonna lose my stats even though I’m using the same iPad but I saved via Facebook link weird, I never use Twitter before and probably only one in the world who does not use Twitter

  32. 12:53 Why is it like that? Not only when recording 8K but with all phones when in video mode it crops the image? It's the same with my Dji Mini 2 drone.

  33. Loved Mastermind so much as a kid! Happy to know this is really where Wordle came from. Loved beating my dad, we both loved that honestly, I did feel so smart. What a great memory.

  34. In France we had Motus on TV. It's wordle 30 years before wordle.

  35. I have played place as well as wordle but didn't realise it came from the same creator. Great to hear Josh's perspective on doing something creative rather than an end benefit in mind.

  36. Wardle vs Wordle…just saying… 👩🏽‍💼

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