THE HARDEST WORDLE CHALLENGE EVER? One Minute Wordle Solve - August 30th -

THE HARDEST WORDLE CHALLENGE EVER? One Minute Wordle Solve – August 30th

Kenny Haller
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THE HARDEST WORDLE CHALLENGE EVER? One Minute Wordle Solve – August 30th word game challenge

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  1. I took my first bite of the apple. I was eating when you said apple at the beginning.

  2. Your accent while saying audio made me second guess if it's audio or not 😂 lol

  3. Hello kenny your videos are very good yyou deserve 1m😊

  4. What does he keep looking at?..😮

  5. Apple Apple Apple Apple junior double triple Apple

  6. I always start with audio cause it has a lot of vowels in it and the other day when I did it first I was so shocked cause it was actually the word lol

  7. now people get to stop using arguably the worst starter word people think are good

  8. Don’t say hardest wordle, hardest wordle is EmojiWordle, that’s seems difficult

  9. I got this one first try legitimately (I always go audio ocean

  10. I don’t wanna call u out but why do you keep duplicating letters you want to get as much as you can so like not apple do after or something just saying to save guesses

  11. I got it in 2! I started with Adieu 😂

  12. Sep 6 2023 gnash has entered chat

  13. “Adorn” luckily d and p aren’t close together

  14. I got that word in one, it's just a good starting word

  15. I got this one first try bc I always do audio for first

  16. I guessed audio on the second go come on

  17. I’m so sad that I started with adieu that day. I start with audio a lot and the one day that I don’t, audio is the wordle. 😤

  18. Audit when I typed it in you know the word that it thought I was trying to put AUDIO

  19. Bye bye baby is a master piece ❤❤❤

  20. That is annoying because I always start with audio and the word has never actually been audio

  21. Don’t say God and Jesus Name in Vain. God and Jesus Loves and Blesses you all in Jesus Christ Holy Mighty and Powerful Name we all Pray Amen🙏❤️

  22. I always use audio to start because it has 4 vowels and another letter that is used a lot

  23. I always start with audio, it carries four vowels
    Press here if you would?

  24. I just realized you look a little like mike myers…

  25. Not me thinking of audio after he put Apple for the first one

  26. I always start with adieu cause it has most of the vowels in jf

  27. I always start with audio because it has the most vowls, but I was surprised he got it👏🫶

  28. i said audio after the first apple guess

  29. Adieu is the best starting word for me bc 4 vowels

  30. Bro I always run audio when I start so I would have just gotten it first try

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