The hardest Globle so far! (Geography Wordle) #shorts -

The hardest Globle so far! (Geography Wordle) #shorts

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The hardest Globle so far! (Geography Wordle) #shorts


  1. Actually when I did that one I got it in 3 guesses or smth

  2. Don’t look at my name

  3. I did it without Google Maps and my dad was like 👀HOW?!?

  4. Man as soon as he said small I thought about Nauru and this man took 2 hours

  5. I played this for the first time today. I guessed Algeria and it was the answer. First try

  6. We play globle in my world geography class every day. Everyone got so pissed in my class because nobody could find it. Even the teacher couldn't. It took half the class period and everyone got more pissed because the amount of people who live there is less then our town of 11,000 people.

  7. I’m not too good at this game, but I got this one in 3 guesses, maybe my life’s proudest moment

  8. I got the same exact one but it took me 11 tries

  9. where do u find the game for it, I can't find it

  10. why did you come here? this channel is dead lol says:

    it's called micronesia, that's why it's small

  11. It was nauru. Took me 14 tries and ruined my score totally.

  12. I started with Indonesia, then followed by china, australia, Tuvalu then nauru

  13. When I play globle I get 49 as my average guesses and he says 9 is so bad what has he gone mad

  14. Him: It’s so small you can’t even see it!
    Me holding back my demons trying not to say that’s what she said:

  15. My name is Solomon so this was fun to watch

  16. yooo my friend forced me to help him and i instantly got it lol

  17. Jack – Central African Republic
    Me – C A R

  18. How he said Malaysia, hmmm, kau tahu macam kita cakap bahasa malay, also, malay sya teruk

  19. Since I am going to fail geography I had to use a map for it and it took me like 20 tries and I did Nauru cause of the name

  20. Friends told me it was tough got it first try

  21. Always start with Russia. It has the most landmass and is really close to alot of countries

  22. "They are so small you can't even see them"
    Me: that what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. sending love from the CNMI sorry we are so small

  24. i didnt understand the assignment I thought you were looking for the smallest country

  25. I thought my class globle and we do it every morning.

  26. I remember this being a worldle, it was hell

  27. On this day I guessed Iran first, then Indonesia and it was close and the only island nation I could think of was Nauru because I had just learned what it is. Got it in 3.

  28. These countries aren’t actually that small btw, the Globle Developer just didn’t want to mark every single island of the island group countries

  29. Today's (27th of march) is even harder, you should try doing it.

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