The five word challenge! #Wordle #Shorts -

The five word challenge! #Wordle #Shorts

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(Spoilers 263) For fun, I’m trying a five word challenge, where you start with the following words:

Play Wordle here:

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  1. Try the 5 words but with Glent, brick, jumpy, Vozhd, and waqfs

  2. Better world Selection: Glent, brick, vozhd, waqfs, jumpy

  3. I love you’re vids man, ur voice is sooo calming

  4. I tried this challenge and got it on my sixth try, not to bad I guess

  5. You can use the same 5 words but instead use "gybes" instead of "gyres", since it will eliminate the b as well and it will get rid of the repeated r.

  6. Love this channel. So relaxing and nothing flashy.

  7. GYRES NYMPH is stupid. Repeating the Y in the same position gives no information whatsoever. At least the R has chance of being useful because it's in a different position than FJORD.

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