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The First EVER Wordle?

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I was curious what the first ever Wordle was so I went back through history to see where it all began. Wordle number 1. What other past wordles should I play?
This was made possible thanks to time travel and the wordle archive. Thanks Sora for first showing me this crazy word game.

Play for yourself at:

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1:30 Wordle!

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  1. Was this recorded before the site was taken down? Or were you using the wayback machine

  2. 173 was my first wordle, its interesting how most people started around 150-200, I wonder what made it explode and take off

  3. You should put that time traveling contraption on shark tank and see if someone will invest in it. Its a brilliant invention dude

  4. I started playing wordle around Valentine’s Day, I can’t remember the exact day, but one of the first words I got was CYNIC

  5. I had my first wordle back in 1988. Of course it was in a newspaper and not called wordle but "Sechserpack" or sixpack in English. I made 2 each day from Mo-Fr and 4 on Saturday cause there was no newspaper on Sunday. So around 24K wordles so far, excluding the online ones.

  6. First one I played was 214 where we had POINT. I remember that took me 5 tries, but it was still good to see a win on my first one and I got the hang of things soon enough. 😀

    Funny enough, I went back and got through the first 61 Wordles so far (planning to get through all 213), and rebut was another one that took me 5 guesses!

  7. I'm not sure FIRTS wold be a good starter. My first day was Feb 11 when the word was ULCER.

  8. Waitt I missed this video! That's crazy it's almost a year since the first Wordle?? i really don't remember when I started i think around when you started!

  9. I believe my first wordle ever was day like 284 or somewhere around there when the word was purge

  10. June 24, 2022: I started doing Wordle about a month ago, in late May 2022.

  11. Wordle #0 was CIGAR so we will never have that as a word ever

  12. My first every Wordle was #246. I failed…I didn't know what tacit was. Then I got the next day right and had my max streak of 114 so far, which ended with #361, Primo. Another word I didn't know…Because I escaped a 6 guesser today, my streak is up to 45. Which is my second best streak so far. I had a bad month and a half where I failed once every two weeks.

  13. My first was February 14 2022. CYNIC. It was # 240

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